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Nasdaq ESG Advisory Case Study: Leeward Renewable Energy

Nasdaq ESG Advisory Case Study: Leeward Renewable Energy

Published 03-15-23

Submitted by Nasdaq

"ESG Advisory Case Study for Private Companies"

Leeward Renewable Energy, a privately held renewable energy developer, has ESG at its core. As their company began to grow at a rapid pace, they needed to gain a holistic view of how their stakeholder’s ESG perspectives should inform their strategy and goals.

Through collaborative efforts, they achieved:

  • Improved ESG profile
  • Integration of stakeholder perspectives into corporate strategy
  • Strengthened Board engagement
  • And more

Download the report to learn more about how Leeward Renewable Energy and Nasdaq ESG Advisory partnered up to take their ESG program to the next level.

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Nasdaq helps companies of all ESG maturity levels through a unique combination of technology, tools, data, insights, and capital market solutions. Our ESG Advisory Program provides a team of analysts to prioritize and guide your ESG efforts, as well as engage stakeholders to secure ESG capital. Nasdaq's easy-to-use SaaS solutions are purpose-built for ESG and simplify the process of ESG data capture, engagement, oversight, and disclosure. We offer greater piece of mind with risk management via auditability and assurance of data. These offerings are backed by our own experience as a public company, applying and honing these practices over our tenure as a market leader.

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