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Once a Warrior, Now a Social Entrepreneur

Once a Warrior, Now a Social Entrepreneur

Published 03-01-23

Submitted by Carol Cone ON PURPOSE

Podcast guest

“You have to have a bias for action in the world if you want to do your part to make it a better place.” - Jake Wood

Jake Wood’s “bias for action” is indisputable: After graduating from college, he joined the Marine Corps and served two years overseas. His return to civilian life wasn’t easy. Like many veterans, Jake was faced with a loss in structure, purpose, and sense of impact. After a close friend and fellow veteran committed suicide, Jake founded non-profit Team Rubicon with a dual purpose: (1) to serve global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises and (2) to reintegrate veterans into civilian life through opportunities to utilize military training for communities in need.

Ten years later, Jake welcomed his second daughter, who required surgery shortly after she was born. The experience sparked a new idea to empower more people to have a greater impact and sense of purpose. In 2021, Jake co-founded Groundswell, a corporate philanthropy platform that allows you to “give like Gates, be taxed like Warren Buffet, and be recognized like Rockefeller.”

We invited Jake to lead us through his purpose journey, from creating social entrepreneurship ventures to the impact your company can make through them.

Listen for insights on:

  • What to expect from venture investors
  • How companies can support and enable employees in their philanthropic giving
  • How employee-driven corporate donations drive better business outcomes
  • Advice for pursuing greater impact through social entrepreneurism

To listen to this episode and others, visit Purpose 360 Podcast.

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