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Pushing Boundaries in Health Tech: 3M Launches New Medical Adhesive Offering Premium Wear Time, Up to 28 Days

Pushing Boundaries in Health Tech: 3M Launches New Medical Adhesive Offering Premium Wear Time, Up to 28 Days

Published 02-16-23

Submitted by 3M

Sensor attached to a patients arm using 3M medical adhesive.

Originally published on 3M News Center

3M has unveiled its new medical adhesive that can stick to the skin for up to 28 days and is intended for use with a wide array of health monitors, sensors, and long-term medical wearables. Prior to 2022, the standard wear time for extended medical adhesives was up to 14 days. 3M now doubles that standard to help deliver a more patient-centric model of care. 

Longer wear time for devices and monitors may help drive down costs, accumulate more data for better decision making, and reduce patient disruption. 

"Our 3M scientists created a technology and then pushed that tech to its boundaries without compromising skin health," said Chad Reed, director of global business for 3M Medical Materials and Technologies. "Medical wearables are a cornerstone for the future of health care, and we're committed to unlocking its potential with our world-class materials science." 

The new adhesive, 3M™ Medical Tape 4578, also adds the feature of liner free stability, which can be stored for up to one year, giving device makers more flexibility in the design process. 

3M touts more than 55 years of skin adhesion science and 3M Medical Tape 4578 adds to the extensive breadth of the company's medical adhesive offerings. 

To learn more about 3M Medical Tape 4578, visit Design engineers can also visit for help selecting the right adhesive for their next medical device project. Created by 3M, Find My Adhesive is an online resource that uses a series of project-specific questions to identify a list of 3M medical adhesive suggestions.

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