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The Power of Volunteering: “There’s an Infinite Amount of Value in Helping Others”

The Power of Volunteering: “There’s an Infinite Amount of Value in Helping Others”

Published 02-10-23

Submitted by Georgia-Pacific

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Anthony Reyna and his wife, Corinne, volunteering with Habitat For Humanity.

ATLANTA, February 10, 2023 /CSRwire/ - When we talk about Georgia-Pacific's stewardship framework and the volunteer work our employees do in our communities, then it makes sense to talk about Anthony Reyna.

Anthony, a customer strategy manager, along with his wife, has participated in a number of build projects with Habitat for Humanity, a long-standing partner with Georgia-Pacific. For more than 20 years, we have teamed up with Atlanta Habitat to construct homes for qualified and hardworking families.

In honor of MLK Day, the only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service to encourage all Americans to volunteer, we spoke with Anthony about what giving to others means to him and why volunteering inspires him to do even more.

Q: Anthony, tell us how you got started with Habitat for Humanity and what made you continue with additional projects.

A: When I was attending the University of Georgia, through my service group, I heard about a house build that was sponsored by several clubs from the school, and the opportunity appealed to me, so I volunteered to try it. Once I graduated and started working for Georgia-Pacific, there was an opportunity to volunteer with the Atlanta chapter, a great reminder of my past work with the organization.

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Anthony Reyna & wife at GP Build with Erin Beckman, VP of AFH National Sales for GP PRO

Q: How many builds have you been a part of? What are some of the physical demands from the volunteers and your favorite part of the building process?

A: In 2022, my wife and I entered into Habitat’s Century Club, meaning we volunteered 100+ hours on various builds. That includes builds with GP, our local church, and community volunteering. Roughly, over time, I’ve participated in 13 builds. The volunteers help with placing the foundation and subfloors, putting up walls—really any and everything that goes into building a house. I personally strive to lead an intentional life of continuous improvement that can be marked by stewardship, and Habitat is a natural outlet for me. I feel I am also fulfilled when I can help others do the same, whether on a build site or as a leader at GP.

Q: Tell me a little bit more about how you apply your volunteer experiences as a leader at GP?

A: I constantly view everything I do as an opportunity to best use my resources and talents to help others. In fact, that’s part of how I hold myself accountable, I don’t shine unless those around me shine. Whether that’s helping a new homeowner or a coworker, I personally grow a ton from building authentic relationships and creating value together. Just like on a build site, when working with a team, we’re trying to find new and better ways to do things together.

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A group of volunteers in front of a house. All wearing shirts that say "GP United". A wheelbarrow full of supplies in front of them and a Georgia-Pacific sign being held by two.

Q: And Anthony, one last question. Your motivation and community efforts correlate to the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his desire to serve others and encourage others to do the same. Any words of advice for those who are thinking about volunteering?

A: When you’re able to engage with your community through serving others, you feel more connected with the community and are helping it grow. I find that it is mutually beneficial because what I put into my community through service, I feel I get back. Volunteering helps to open up your perspective and build a connection to the realities of others around you that aren’t necessarily your reality. There seems to be an infinite amount of value you can create and receive from helping others. You could even spend 100+ quality hours with your significant other.

If you'd like to support Habitat for Humanity or volunteer your time, click here for more information.

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