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New Episodes of “My Future Is Green: Green Professions”, the Sofidel Podcast Dedicated to Young People Who Dream of a Job in Contact With Nature, Coming Soon

New Episodes of “My Future Is Green: Green Professions”, the Sofidel Podcast Dedicated to Young People Who Dream of a Job in Contact With Nature, Coming Soon

Published 02-03-23

Submitted by Sofidel

"My future is green" in Italian with forest and a river in the background

Originally published by Sofidel, December 21, 2022

Presented by Stefano Fresi, the podcast dedicated to young people, the environment, and new professions now has two brand new episodes exploring green career paths.

PORCARI, Lucca, Italy /3BL Media/ - Building on the success of the series, Sofidel, global leader in tissue paper production best known for its Regina brand, presents two new episodes of the “My Future is Green: Green Professions” podcast dedicated to discovering new professions related to the environment and nature. The podcast is aimed at all those young people who dream of a job away from an office, computer or smartphone. Guided by the voice of the actor and dubbing actor Stefano Fresi, episode after episode, ten young people talk about the innovative green work they have undertaken. Work through which they are able to combine their passion and interest in environmental preservation and sustainability with their own professional aspirations.

In addition to the eight episodes edited in 2021, there are two new episodes that tell the story of Giulio Ferrante and Claudia Bevilacqua.

Giulio, 27, became an environmental hiking guide after graduating in Nature Sciences. This profession allows him to pass on his passion for nature to the people he takes out on treks to discover forests and nature reserves, and to teach them to look at it with “loving” eyes, to get to know and respect nature. On his hikes, Giulio is also able to enjoy another passion of his: nature photography. From the union of trekking and photography, comes LupoTrek, an environmental education project involving other young enthusiasts and experts, offering hiking, nature photography courses, and educational workshops for children and adults. “To respect and love something, you have to get to know it. For us, the outdoors is not just a condition, but a tool: nature is a resource rich in lessons,” says Giulio, “If you experience nature, you create awareness: we humans are not disconnected from it. We are nature”.

The second new episode is the story of Claudia, 29, who after graduating with a degree in wildlife resource science and management, decided to devote herself to educating young children on the knowledge and love of nature through experiences, allowing them to witness it up close. Through the experimental outdoor education project “Scuola primaria della pineta e del mare” (Pine Forest and Ocean Primary School), developed with the University of Pisa, Claudia takes children on real adventures in woodland, marine, and urban environments, or on visits to educational farms and agricultural businesses. Claudia says, “Together with the children we sowed seeds, to learn that there is a right season for everything on our plate, we built a ‘bug hotel,’ to observe insects up close, telling the children about the needs of each species and its role in an ecosystem, and we let the children get their hands dirty in the soil. To get to know nature, you have to get close it. You can explore nature.”

Sofidel’s podcast is part of the #LaNostraCartaMigliore project (a set of initiatives by the Sofidel Group aimed at building a better future for new generations). It takes its cue from the survey conducted in 2021 with the Toniolo Institute, which photographs young people who are increasingly informed and aware of the main future environmental challenges, ready to take on those challenges and contribute to sustainable development through concrete actions. “My future is green: green professions” tells their stories, rich in positivity and determination, and highlights the dreams and aspirations of the protagonists, as well as the extraordinary richness of their experience as a source of inspiration for other young people who wish to turn their love for nature into a profession.

Produced in collaboration with the Podcastory agency, the full series is available for free on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Spreaker, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and YouTube.

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