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ESG Trendsetters: How Blackbaud Is Helping Companies Maximize Their Commitment to Social Good

ESG Trendsetters: How Blackbaud Is Helping Companies Maximize Their Commitment to Social Good

Published 01-20-23

Submitted by Nasdaq

In our latest episode of ESG Trendsetters, we highlight Blackbaud (BLKB), a software provider that serves the social good community, including non-profits, education institutions, healthcare organizations and corporations. During the wide-ranging conversation with host Randall Hopkins, Head of ESG Solutions for Nasdaq’s Corporate Platforms business, Blackbaud’s Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President, Global Social Responsibility, Tom Davidson, Executive Vice President, Corporate Impact, Steve Hufford, Director of Investor Relations, and Michael Moore, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer, spoke about how they can help companies make an impact as a good corporate citizen amid a transformational time in the ESG space.

When a company embarks on an ESG journey, it begins at the top with the chief executive officer, according to Davidson. In meetings with leaders of ESG at 20 of the nation’s largest corporations, “we found that for these executives, this isn’t a marketing campaign or political tactic; it’s a real fundamental shift in business strategy.” Davidson noted that he conducted a survey prior to meeting with these executives and found that three-quarters of respondents said ESG is an integral part of their companies’ strategies, while a quarter said ESG is increasingly important.

In addition to having an engaged CEO leading the corporate ESG journey, Hufford emphasized the importance of having the board’s nominating and governance committee provide oversight and establishing an ESG steering committee to drive initiatives across the company. Furthermore, bringing the IR team on the corporate ESG journey is critical as they connect and communicate with investors, who are increasingly focusing their attention on ESG metrics from corporations.

“Getting the governance right and making sure that your board is connected…engaging your executives and making sure the vision is aligned as you develop it, and also [leveraging] your subject matter experts are really important,” Hutchisson summed up, adding that educating employees is also vital to successfully executing a company’s ESG initiatives.

Watch the full interview to discover how Blackbaud is making an impact as an ESG Trendsetter.

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