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Take Your Medical Grantmaking Process From Fractured to Functional

Take Your Medical Grantmaking Process From Fractured to Functional

Published 12-16-22

Submitted by CyberGrants

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When it comes to medical affairs grantmaking, time is of the essence. Manual workflows and lengthy approval processes can delay product delivery or treatment access, which can be detrimental to patients in need. Medical grantmaking programs are also governed by global regulations and require careful oversight and strict compliance. As a result, speed must be carefully balanced against oversight.

But the complexities of medical affairs grantmaking don’t stop there. With multiple types of grants, multinational borders and business units, regulatory differences, and siloed sources of information, medical grantmaking processes have evolved ad hoc and are largely manual. This can pave the way for inconsistencies, errors, and non-compliance.

How can your organization move from manual processes to an efficient, streamlined, and reliable solution? At CyberGrants, we’ve partnered with leading life sciences organizations to build a technology platform with embedded compliance and streamlined workflows to accelerate funding, improve efficiency, and provide visibility across the full suite of funding programs. Don’t believe us? In this article, we’ve outlined all the ways that CyberGrants for Life Sciences can streamline and simplify your medical grantmaking programs.

Create a Single Source of Truth

When medical affairs programs are tracked manually in multiple systems, it's difficult to gain a holistic view of your impact and understand where your dollars are going. Users may find themselves constantly hopping from one system to another, which leaves room for error and data inconsistencies. With CyberGrants for Life Sciences, all of your programs can be housed in one location, which makes program management easier and compliance a no-brainer. Below is an overview of programming our solutions support and enable.

  • Independent Medical Education.
  • Expanded Access Programs.
  • Charitable Contributions.
  • Investigator-Initiated Research, Studies, and Trials.
  • Patient Advocacy.
  • Fellowships and Sponsorships.

Whether your organization supports Expanded Access Programs, Patient Advocacy Grants, Investigator-Initiated Research, or all of the above, being able to manage your programs within a single software solution results in unprecedented flexibility, visibility, and improved risk control across all your medical grantmaking.

Overcome Your Biggest Obstacles

While managing your medical affairs grants in one location is key to simplifying your processes, there are likely other challenges that make managing your programs complex, chaotic, and error-prone. In order to move from a manual process to one that is efficient, streamlined, and reliable, it is imperative to identify your biggest obstacles and opportunities for improvement. And we’ve already done the heavy lifting! Below we have outlined three common obstacles we often see our customers face and proven tactics for alleviating their pain points using CyberGrants for Life Sciences.

Challenge #1: Complex Approval Workflows

Particularly for Expanded Access Programs, building approval workflows and their associated steps can be complex. Each workflow and the specific users involved can change based on a range of criteria like country, disease, therapeutic area, product, and dollar amount.

Solution: Workflow Automation

With CyberGrants for Life Sciences, you can define the baseline approval workflow and the associated review and approval criteria. With that information, our software can do all the thinking for you while also allowing you the flexibility to override if necessary. The engine defines the steps and the people or roles involved, enforces permissions, and executes the rules required for each step in the process.

Challenge #2: Privacy and Compliance

Maintaining privacy and compliance regulations from country to country can be cumbersome and complex. When new regulatory requirements arise, it can be difficult to adapt quickly as they’re rolled out in different countries.

Solution: Workflow Automation

CyberGrants facilitates advanced privacy and compliance management by allowing clients to tailor their information handling and approval processing based on regions and respective regulations, which is enormously helpful for international companies. Users can also integrate the platform directly with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other internal watchlists as well as build any compliance or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) alerts directly into the platform.

Challenge #3: Duplicate Data

When multiple users enter data into various systems, it allows for manual error and runs the risk of duplicate data which is untrustworthy and, therefore, useless.

Solution: System Consolidation

When you implement CyberGrants for Life Sciences, you can integrate your platform with every system that interacts with your medical affairs programs. Think about your medical affairs platform as the hub for your entire process which will push and pull data to various systems, thus allowing you the ability to have a single source of truth.

Embrace Unmatched Capabilities

At CyberGrants, we partner with leading life sciences organizations to understand best practices and continually integrate emerging industry trends into our solutions. In doing so, we offer capabilities that are uniquely positioned to support your medical affairs grants programming. Below is a snapshot of some of our product features and capabilities and how they can help streamline and simplify your processes.

Insights: CyberGrants’ robust analytics solution can help your organization maintain regulatory compliance, aggregate data across multiple programs, identify bottlenecks in workflows and approval processes, and more.

Dynamic Approval Routing: With User Tagging, individuals are tagged with specific attributes associated with approval criteria. As a result, requests for approval will be automatically routed to users who meet a predefined set of criteria.

Workflow Status: Within CyberGrants, users can easily track a grant request through its entire lifecycle. From submission all the way through to impact reporting, you can quickly identify the status of a grant request every step of the way.

Worksheets: CyberGrants Worksheets offer a new way to capture and store multi-dimensional data in a tabular format. By allowing you to seamlessly embed data tables in any of your grant requests or impact reports, your data can be displayed in logical tables and rows for easy analysis.

DocuSign Integration: Through the CyberGrants platform, users can integrate their system with DocuSign to sign and execute agreements while complying with industry and region-specific laws and standards for electronic signatures and ID verification.

Take Control of All Your Medical Grants

For even more ways CyberGrants’ products and features can help you master the myriad of complexities of medical grants management, download our latest eBook, Take Your Medical Grantmaking Process From Fractured to Functional.

In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • Why your life sciences organization shouldn’t rely on spreadsheets and manual tracking.
  • How CyberGrants for Life Sciences can accelerate funding, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.
  • How CyberGrants’ products and features are uniquely positioned to support multiple types of medical grant programs.
  • Why leading life sciences organizations use CyberGrants and how they are already tackling grantmaking complexities.

Take control of all your medical grants and get the eBook today!

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