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Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada 2022 Sustainability Report: People

Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada 2022 Sustainability Report: People

Published 12-15-22

Submitted by Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak 2022 Sustainability Report

Taste of Tetra Pak

In summer 2021, we launched Taste of Tetra Pak sample boxes to keep our employees, many of them working remotely or hybrid, connected to our work in packaging, processing and services.

The curated boxes give employees and their friends and families the opportunity to sample many of the new, innovative products that Tetra Pak helped make possible. And because they’re all packaged in shelf-stable Tetra Pak® cartons, they can be easily shipped to employees’ homes without refrigeration!

Core Wellbeing

In the U.S. and Canada, Tetra Pak employees can take advantage of Core Wellbeing, a program dedicated to helping all employees and their loved ones achieve, maintain and protect their personal health and wellbeing goals so they can protect what’s good for others.

Now in its third year, the program continues to reinforce the five pillars of total wellbeing (physical, mental, financial, community and social) with a variety of resources and activities. In the last year, nearly a quarter of all U.S. and Canada employees participated in at least one Core Wellbeing activity. Programming ranges from physical challenges like Move Your Way to Mental Wellbeing Week to Financial Literacy Month with educational activities from our retirement plan providers.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, Core Wellbeing dedicated one week to the topic of mental health. Employees were invited to wear green in support of mental health awareness and to participate in a BINGO game to help identify simple ways to prioritize mental wellbeing every day. In addition to daily communications containing resources and tools to support mental wellbeing, many Tetra Pak sites hosted a Wellness Wednesday event with chair massages, organic juices, healthy snacks and printed resources to help support every employee’s mental wellbeing.

Employee feedback on Core Wellbeing programs has been overwhelmingly positive, with 98% of participants saying it’s important or very important for Tetra Pak to provide programs such as these.

“It’s so important to have these reminders (or info-sharing opportunities) with employees! Keep it up!! Love it!” 

“Opened my eyes on being more tuned in to things to do to be on top of my health.” 

“Good explanation of mental health and how it affects each person differently. Liked some of the tools given to help with mental health and stress.”

Core Wellbeing programs often emphasize the importance of wellbeing visits and the mental wellbeing benefits available through our health plans. One of the key messages of the program’s mental wellbeing pillar is that it is ok to not be ok. Since the start of Core Wellbeing, mental health visits have increased by 14%. This demonstrates that employees are now more familiar with the benefits available to them and recognize the importance of proactive self-care.

Recruiting the Best Talent

Every person at Tetra Pak is a vital part of our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere. We’re implementing new ways to ensure that we have the right people with the right skills to make this vision possible.

Sometimes the best way to recruit new talent is to ask current employees what they love about their job — and that’s exactly what we did at our site in Winsted, Minnesota. We used employee insights to create a series of videos highlighting what it’s like to work at Tetra Pak and the opportunities for growth within the company.

Our Future Talent and internship programs continue to be an excellent way to introduce people just starting their career to the many possibilities in the food and beverage industry. Future Talent gives recent graduates an opportunity to become the next generation of leaders in our industry and offers both a technical and leadership track.

"The number one thing I love and appreciate about Tetra Pak is they’ve given me a role where I can wake up in the morning and be excited to go to work because every day is different than the day before."
Tergel Erdenebat, Cheese Application Expert, Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada

"Tetra Pak was my first career stop. I chose Tetra Pak because the Future Talent Program gave me the opportunity to learn my first year on the job and Tetra Pak was willing to pay for my automation certifications. I saw that this was a great opportunity because those courses stay with me for life."
Samir Waliany, Preventative Maintenance (PM) Area Engineer, Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Tetra Pak is committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) within the organization. In the U.S. and Canada, we are further supporting this effort by investing in a local DE&I roadmap. Together with an outside consultant, we are gathering insights from employees via volunteer focus groups and surveys. This information will be used to identify opportunities for growth and shape our DE&I strategy in the U.S. and Canada.

Julia Luscher, Vice President Marketing, Tetra Pak, was a featured speaker at Sustainable Brands ’21’s Women’s Leadership Lunch. One hundred and fifty female leaders shared challenges, successes and best practices for women in the sustainability field.

"Diversity brings new perspectives, fresh ideas and better innovation. At Tetra Pak, we are 100% supportive of women in the food and beverage industry, but we continue to see gender gaps. So, it is our responsibility to make sure that we try to bridge those gaps fairly but ethically."
Julia Luscher Vice President Marketing, Tetra Pak

Read the full Tetra Pak 2022 Sustainability Report.

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