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Reimagining Healthcare With Technology

By Marie Hattar, Chief Marketing Officer

Reimagining Healthcare With Technology

By Marie Hattar, Chief Marketing Officer

Published 12-14-22

Submitted by Keysight Technologies

A medical professional using a tablet, abstract holographic images of a globe, healthcare symbols swirl above it.

Healthcare has changed dramatically since the pandemic. Technology underpins every facet, including telehealth and telemedicine, which are now the defacto delivery mechanisms. Smart technologies are embedded in hospital equipment, cloud-accessible patient charts and scans, electronic medical records (EMRs) and connected ambulances. In addition, wearables are increasingly used to track and monitor personal health indicators. Together these solutions are ushering in a new era of personalized patient care and better outcomes.

However, as healthcare becomes increasingly complex and interconnected, there is zero tolerance for technical issues or downtime. With software underpinning scheduling an appointment, hospital admitting, diagnostics, operating, treatment and discharge, everything needs to operate as expected. But testing this complex web of devices and software is far from an easy task.

The Testing Imperative

Seamless connectivity in healthcare is vital to ensure that every element works in unison. With the potential that critical point of care decisions could be impacted, there is no room for error when it comes to smart healthcare. It’s essential that healthcare providers, administrators and patients have confidence in the systems, devices and applications they rely on.

In this era of digital healthcare, organizations need a new approach to ensure that every connected technology and system works after every change and integrates seamlessly. Traditional manual software testing methods simply cannot keep up, giving rise to a new approach: AI-driven test automation.

The Keysight Prescription

Keysight’s Eggplant Software automation platform provides AI-driven continuous intelligent testing, enabling healthcare companies to automate every facet of testing. The platform identifies and addresses bugs, compatibility issues, accessibility problems, and other factors that could lead to an outage or performance challenge long before they impact the delivery of care.

Proven Partner

As the industry struggles to recover from the pandemic's impact and acute staff shortages, digital healthcare and its interconnected systems are a critical component of ensuring that hospitals and healthcare centers can deliver on their most central mission: providing high-quality patient care at every interaction. Testing the number of systems involved in EMRs alone is a staggering time and resource burden, yet it's essential to meeting this objective.

Keysight's AI-driven software automation platform has a proven track record of helping healthcare organizations like Cleveland Clinic, UNC Health Care and health information technology companies like Cerner and Epic. Our role is to optimize the performance of their software to ensure that it acts as expected day in and day out. The following are a few examples of our technology in action.

University Hospitals

University Hospitals is one of the nation’s leading healthcare systems, with 18 hospitals, over 40 outpatient health centers and 1 million individual patients. As University Hospitals integrated more and more technology, from administration and operational work to clinical workflow and patient care, manual testing was no longer viable due to the scope, time and resources required. It turned to our intelligent, AI-driven test automation platform to automate numerous repetitive functions across its hospitals and facilities, increasing efficiencies while simultaneously freeing up employees to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Cerner is a global provider of intelligent healthcare solutions with thousands of employees in over 26 countries, and its technologies are used in more than 27 thousand provider facilities. As its testing burden continued to increase, it recognized the need for an automated solution to test both mobile and desktop applications and turned to us to help it on its automation journey. With poor quality software having real consequences on patient safety, such as blood bank products not being delivered to the right patient at the right time, ensuring everything always works exactly as expected is of paramount importance.

The Future is Technology

The above are just examples that highlight how technology is transforming healthcare and will open up new ways to treat and manage diseases. In the near future, more devices and systems will be connected with the goal of improving patient care and delivering better healthcare outcomes. Supporting this will require intelligent connected machines to work together with humans to enhance technology across the entire healthcare spectrum. Find out more about how Keysight’s software automation platform is helping healthcare organizations deliver on their mission here.

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