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Announcing New Episodes of “Corporate Conversations on Purpose”

Business Leaders Translating Purpose into Business Success

Announcing New Episodes of “Corporate Conversations on Purpose”

Business Leaders Translating Purpose into Business Success

Published 12-06-22

Submitted by Curation On Purpose

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Phil Preston, CEO of The Business Purpose Project and Lynne Filderman, Founder of Curation On Purpose are pleased to release their newest four episodes of Corporate Conversations on Purpose.

“As the need for corporate purpose transformation increases, leaders are wondering what it means in practice for the way they approach their strategy, operations and people” according to Phil Preston, co-host of Corporate Conversations on Purpose.

All episodes can be found on:

New episodes include:

  • Chris Errington and Nina Collinson, Glad Group – Making Purpose Real for Employees
    In this episode, Chris Errington (COO) and Nina Collinson (National Sustainability Manager) provide unique insights into the pressures on their business and how they are responding, especially in the areas of employee and customer needs.
  • Bruce Simpson, McKinsey Adviser – The Top 5 Purpose Mistakes Companies Make (and How to Avoid Them) Parts 1 & 2
    In this two-part series, Bruce Simpson reveals the common mistakes that companies make in the purpose transformation process and how to avoid them. Plus, he has an interesting take on personal purpose that he shared with us.
  • Peter ter Weeme, BCLC – Can Social Purpose and Gambling, Entertainment Co-Exist?
    In this episode, Peter ter Weeme, Chief Purpose Officer of British Columbia Lottery Corporation, unpacks the philosophy and role of purpose in an industry that isn’t always perceived well. This is a fascinating discussion, and Peter doesn’t shy away from the hard questions. His company is also committed to open-source its methodology

In September, Phil and Lynne released their summary insights pack from series of conversations. The Insights Pack summarises the 15 episodes with 12 corporate professionals which examined the purpose roadmap, purpose and leader leadership and transformation. Here are a few observations:

  • Purpose is a compass for navigating complexity and must connect to strategic opportunity
  • CEOs must make a genuine commitment, it’s not a compliance activity
  • Stakeholders increasingly expect alignment between business and society, and
    they are demanding greater transparency
  • Embedding purpose in operations and KPIs is hard work that pays off
  • Don’t expect perfection, just get started!

Lynne Filderman noted, “Our conversations are with leaders not often in the spotlight who have a keen understanding what it takes embed purpose into organizations while meeting changing stakeholder expectations.”

Previous episodes featured: Bobbi Silten (Shared Value Initiative), Jennie MacLaughlin (Purpose Led Transformation), Rachel Hutchisson (Blackbaud), Megan Fielding (Nuveen), David Harrington (Strategist, ex-IAG), Brad Gurrie (SocialSuite), Whitney Dailey (Allison+Partners), Christine Holman(Non-Executive Director), Tim King (Melior Investment Management), Rik Haslam (Brandpie), Sarah Downie (Shared Value Project) and Ben Smithee (The Smithee Group).

We are honored to receive the support of our partners in 3BL Media and AmpSlide. As a news and information distribution platform, 3BL Media, a triple bottom line company, features the purpose-driven content of leading companies and organizations. Ampslide is an innovative platform designed to engage audiences anywhere, anytime–an all-in-one event and content hosting platform maximizing ROI for sales and marketing teams.

If you are interested in creating your own in-house conversations or exploring the benefits of sponsorship, contact Lynne or Phil via

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Curation On Purpose

Curation On Purpose

Purpose is the new frontier for performance and competition in today's business landscape, and failing to adapt means companies risk being left behind.

Phil Preston, CEO of the Business Purpose Project and Lynne Filderman, Founder of Curation On Purpose LLC are pleased to announce the launch of a new virtual production, Corporate Conversations on Purpose (CCoP), a series of 30-minute virtual conversations with business leaders who offer their expertise and candid insights in navigating purpose-based transformations.

CCoP is meeting this critical moment in time as no one has all the answers nor is there a single prescribed way of dealing with the rapidly changing business environment and shift to the purpose economy.

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