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The U.S. Marine Corps: Diversity & Influencing As a Member of a Team

by Cory Hunsinger, Human Resources Manager, West Hershey

The U.S. Marine Corps: Diversity & Influencing As a Member of a Team

by Cory Hunsinger, Human Resources Manager, West Hershey

Published 11-14-22

Submitted by The Hershey Company

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Leaving a small town to join the U.S. Marine Corps was a transformative experience—not only in leaving as a Marine, but in observing the strength that comes from our differences and appreciating the impact to be made as a team member.

Key Takeaways:

  • The U.S. Marine Corps is a melting pot of different people—united under one common mission of defending our country.
  • It was my time in bootcamp on Parris Island that made me appreciate the strength in our differences.
  • The U.S. Marine Corps gave me a sense of belonging and purpose, and I’m proud to work at Hershey where that service is celebrated.

These days, it feels like we are encouraged to find ways to stand out from the crowd as if being one of many in a group isn’t enough to feel important in our rapidly expanding social lives. We live in a time when social media influencers are revered, and followers are part of the scenery. It’s always better to be an influencer than a follower, right?

When I was a freshly minted 18-year-old in the early 1990s, we didn’t use the terms of “influencer” and “follower.” Those labels were decades away. Instead, we spoke in terms of “leaders” and “individuals.” While the words have changed over the decades, the spirit and context of them remains the same: people want to belong to something bigger than themselves. Often, we unfairly equate success with being the leader and assign lesser success to being a follower, but I believe there are many roles to play in the path to success and one of these roles is as a contributing member of a strong team.

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