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Clean Production Action Releases First-Ever GreenScreen Certified™ Standard for the Health Care Sector

New tool will enable hospital purchasers to easily identify environmentally preferable medical equipment and supplies

Clean Production Action Releases First-Ever GreenScreen Certified™ Standard for the Health Care Sector

New tool will enable hospital purchasers to easily identify environmentally preferable medical equipment and supplies

Published 10-19-22

Submitted by Clean Production Action

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SOMERVILLE, Mass., October 19, 2022 /CSRwire/ - Today the nonprofit Clean Production Action unveiled the first GreenScreen Certified™ Standard for Medical Supplies & Devices, laying out detailed criteria equipment manufacturers must meet to prove that their products do not contain chemicals with known negative impacts to human health and the environment. Developed by a diverse stakeholder group, including health care providers, medical product manufacturers, scientists and environmental groups, the new standard includes a comprehensive list of restricted substances and analytical testing requirements that manufacturers must meet to receive the certification. Medical products certified to GreenScreen Certified meet the environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) requirements of leading health care organizations such as Kaiser Permanente and Vizient.

The GreenScreen Certification comes as recent research published in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy shows that a plastic additive (phthalates) used in IV bags and tubing interferes with breast cancer treatment, increasing mortality and the likelihood of cancer returning. Earlier research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism similarly found that endocrine-disrupting chemicals in health care might promote disease and antagonize the efficacy of treatment.

“With awareness of chemicals of high concern in common medical supplies and devices rising, we want to make it easy for purchasers to readily identify medical products with preferred chemistry and for suppliers to communicate this information to their customers,” said Shari Franjevic, GreenScreen Program Manager. “GreenScreen Certified simplifies the communication of preferred chemistry across medical product supply chains,” she added.

GreenScreen Certified for Medical Supplies & Devices applies to a wide range of both consumable and durable products used in health care including IV bags and tubing, bandages, home health care supplies, catheters, blood pressure cuffs, surgical gloves, bedpans, and wheelchairs. The certification also requires manufacturers to meet analytical testing requirements from a third-party analytical lab in order to meet the standard.

“As a leader in safer chemicals procurement in the health care sector, we welcome today’s launch of the GreenScreen Certified Standard for Medical Supplies & Devices,” said Elizabeth Eldridge, director of sustainable sourcing at Kaiser Permanente. “GreenScreen third party certifications support our efforts to promote and purchase environmentally preferable products, and we look forward to more manufacturers and suppliers pursuing certification in the interest of creating the best possible health outcomes.”

Manufacturers achieving GreenScreen Certified demonstrate that their products meet the rigorous EPP requirements of an independent, nonprofit organization that go far beyond regulatory requirements. GreenScreen Certified for Medical Supplies & Devices is the sixth EPP standard created by Clean Production Action, which has certified over 230 products from 26 manufacturers. Other standards cover PFAS-free food service ware, furniture & fabrics, firefighting foam, cleaners & degreasers in manufacturing, and textile chemicals.

"We are honored to be a part of the GreenScreen pilot program and thankful to work closely with Clean Production action in the launch of this important industry certifications, ensuring health care products contain safer and healthier chemical ingredients. As the first healthcare products company to earn GreenScreen certification for our 100% biobased Surgical Ring Basin, a workhorse product for the Operating Room (OR), we are on a mission to lead the healthcare sector in transition to OR products that eliminate plastic and are free of chemicals of concern. The GreenScreen certification process provides product transparency for consumers and a roadmap for manufacturers. We will be pursuing GreenScreen certification for all NewGen Surgical products, and this initial certification is a great start," said NewGen Surgical Co-Founder Robert Chase.

To learn more about GreenScreen Certified and register for the upcoming webinar visit:


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About Clean Production Action and GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals

Clean Production Action is a mission driven non-profit organization that designs and delivers strategic solutions for green chemicals, sustainable materials, and environmentally preferable products. Clean Production Action’s four programs are BizNGO, GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, Chemical Footprint Project, and the Investor Environmental Health Network.

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