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5 Years On: The Home Depot Foundation and ToolBank Disaster Services Continue To Restore Homes Damaged During Hurricane Maria

5 Years On: The Home Depot Foundation and ToolBank Disaster Services Continue To Restore Homes Damaged During Hurricane Maria

Published 10-06-22

Submitted by The Home Depot

Originally published on Built From Scratch

Earlier this year in Puerto Rico, The Home Depot Foundation teamed up with ToolBank Disaster Services to repair homes damaged during Hurricane Maria. The Foundation is proud to continue this work in the wake of Hurricane Fiona by helping rebuild local communities and tapping into an incredible network of vendors, suppliers and nonprofit partners who provide much-needed support.

As we look back on the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, many people are still living with the impacts every day. Josefa Cirin's home had only received minor repairs in the past 23 years. The hurricane made matters worse for the 92-year-old homeowner. She needed new flooring, windows, doors and much more. Community leader Kenny Diaz lost her house in the storm and has been slowly rebuilding over the past five years. She needed help sealing the roof and installing new doors. 

The Home Depot Foundation and ToolBank Disaster Services joined forces for a three-day project to complete these critical repairs. Team Depot, The Home Depot’s associate volunteer force, worked to restore their homes along with two others in the town of Loiza in Puerto Rico. They replaced windows and doors, painted and sealed the exterior of the homes, replaced flooring and repaired and sealed the roofing. 

Since the storm hit five years ago, ToolBank Disaster Services has completed well over 1,000 projects on the island with more than 5,000 volunteers.

The Home Depot Foundation is committed to short-term response and long-term recovery in communities impacted by natural disasters. To date, The Home Depot Foundation has invested more than $1 million in response and long-term recovery after Hurricane Maria. With the help of several nonprofit partners like ToolBank Disaster Services, The Foundation provides immediate support, resources and relief supplies to communities in need. Visit to learn more.

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