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BookSmart24: New App for Environmentally Conscious Travel Finds the Lowest CO2 Route to the Desired Destination

BookSmart24: New App for Environmentally Conscious Travel Finds the Lowest CO2 Route to the Desired Destination

Published 10-03-22

Submitted by BookSmart24

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October 3, 2022 /CSRwire/ - While existing travel websites primarily display the cheapest or fastest travel option, the new BookSmart24 app also finds the most CO2- and emission-efficient variant for the chosen route. The platform enables users to make smart and responsible booking decisions and to realize that traveling in an environmentally conscious manner does not necessarily have to be more expensive.

SmartChoice: CO2-reduced travel does not have to be more expensive

BookSmart24 puts the avoidance of CO2 and other harmful emissions in the foreground. The result is the BookSmart24 SmartChoice: It shows users how to make a comfortable and at the same time environmentally friendly and cost-saving booking decision. Thanks to the clear and simple operation of the app, the end consumer receives information on the environmental impact of his or her journey and also sees at a glance: flying more environmentally conscious does not mean that it has to be much more expensive. The cost difference to the more CO2-efficient route is often only slight.

SmartChoice prefers routes with the lowest CO2 impact and is constantly developing further

The platform calculates and compares prices, travel duration, and the individual CO2 impact of each route based on proprietary algorithms. SmartChoice prioritizes and recommends the routes with the lowest carbon footprint while ensuring that fares and trip durations remain within an average value expected for the route in question. SmartChoice is constantly evolving and adapting to the fast changing mobility industry by taking into account additional parameters such as biofuels or the sustainability of airports or train stations. A so far worldwide unique concept.

Fields and sky reads: Book Smart. Travel Responsibly.

Next step: Offers for world-wide high-speed train services

For now, BookSmart24 offers its services for air routes. Soon, the focus will also be on high-speed trains around the world, which will be included in SmartChoice. This will provide consumers with combined offers from train and flight connections. The basic structure for a global high-speed train GDS (Global Distribution System) have already been installed on the platform and the service will be available soon. In a further step, urban multi-mobility concepts (public transport, car sharing, etc.) will be integrated into the platform in order to offer sustainable door-to-door travel worldwide.

The goal: to establish BookSmart24 as the leading global reference platform for more sustainable travel.

Contact: Claudia von Ahn,,

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BookSmart24 is a global travel booking app focused on making travel more sustainable. We use technology to compare and analyze travel options, giving consumers the information they need to make more sustainable booking decisions.

BookSmart24 ( is a private, independent company with shareholders from the US and Europe. The company operates from Germany, the UK, and Spain with German management and global cooperation partners.

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