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Keysight Accelerates Innovation to Connect & Secure the World

Keysight Accelerates Innovation to Connect & Secure the World

Published 07-13-22

Submitted by Keysight Technologies

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Originally published in Keysight's 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Keysight helps build a better planet through our sustainably developed electronic measurement solutions that accelerate innovations to change lives, secure the world and connect people across the globe.

Keysight’s product lifecycle employs circular economy principles to support sustainability while helping customers protect their innovation investment through maintenance, repair, refurbishing, and recycling. When utilized by customers, our leading-edge design, test, manufacture, and optimization solutions help build a better planet in areas such as clean technology, social impact and wellness, and safety and security.

Clean Tech Innovation

Disruptive innovations in automotive electromobility, renewable energy, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that enable smart-cities, -homes, and -agriculture, are key to bringing breakthroughs in environmental sustainability. These technologies reduce global reliance on carbon-heavy fuels, enable better natural resource management, and support quality monitoring of soil, water and air as infrastructures become more connected. These applications, however, stretch electric grids to capacity, drive the need for battery optimization, and require the development, evaluation, and optimization of state-of-the-art networks and technologies.

Keysight empowers the clean tech revolution by providing solutions for automotive, energy, network, communications, and IoT companies to design, test, manufacture and monitor nextgeneration environmentally sustainable product and service offerings.

Social Impact & Wellness

Technology provides a gateway to community prosperity. Smart-cities enable optimized community services, smart-agriculture minimizes hunger, wearables and healthcare instruments promote well-being, mission-critical communications ensure first-responders stay connected in crises’, and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and automation enable a diverse and differently-abled workforce to flourish. Quality, interoperability, and high performance are critical in delivering prosperity through technology, while educating next-generation technologists is crucial to ensuring future skillsets can meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Keysight supports social impact and wellness by providing solutions that test and validate designs, simulate and measure real-world conditions, and monitor infrastructure deployments. The company also provides equipment, software, and resources to prepare tomorrow’s engineers for the next technological revolutions

Safety & Security

Faster, more reliable communications, connected devices, and AI technologies support emerging innovations across multiple applications, including crisis management, community security, healthcare, next-generation aeronautics, autonomous vehicles, and smart devices. Such applications connect and secure global communities by providing the technology needed to quickly and efficiently address privacy rights and safety threats. The ubiquitous use of networked data, devices, and AI technologies for these purposes, however, also open the door to vulnerabilities that can result in new, unintended safety issues and privacy implications.

Keysight solutions test performance, validate security, and monitor deployments of such technologies in real-time. This enables our customers to find and fix vulnerabilities before they impact operations, thereby maintaining end user safety, security and privacy as applications are scaled to connect and secure the planet.

Key Fiscal Year 2021 Highlights

  • Acquisitions of Quantum Benchmark, SCALABLE Network Technologies, and Sanjole further solidified Keysight’s role in enabling purposeful technology applications
  • Revised Circular Economy Contributions document to reflect updated Keysight efforts and provide transparency in this space

Keysight customers are leaders in technology, achieving breakthroughs that connect and secure the world. Keysight customers overcome barriers to innovation, transform their development processes, or are first and best in their market by using our solutions to optimize networks, integrate workflows, and validate tomorrow’s technologies with unprecedented performance backed by decades of research and expertise. Our highly reliable, long-lasting solutions are designed to be safe, compliant with applicable regulations, and maximize the value of limited environmental resources. 

In addition, Keysight Services complement our solution offerings, providing multiple options to extend product life up to 40 years of active service, and thus helping customers meet their CSR goals.

Looking Forward in Our Solutions

We will maintain focus on ensuring global regulatory compliance for our products and meeting customer compliance expectations, while increasing our circular economy contributions. We will also continue to enable our solutions and services in support of positive social and environmental applications of technology.

Read more in Keysight's 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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