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Updated Cisco Supplier Guide Fosters a Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chain

by Jack Allen

Updated Cisco Supplier Guide Fosters a Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chain

by Jack Allen

Published 06-29-22

Submitted by Cisco Systems, Inc.

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We use our technology, our expertise, and our resources not only to provide value for our customers, but also to make a positive impact on people, society, and the planet.

Our supply chain is critical to our business success. And how it’s made matters. A responsibly managed supply chain upholds human rights, promotes worker health and well-being, and minimizes negative environmental impacts. It also directly benefits business outcomes, including business security and continuity, worker retention, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we uphold the high standards for which Cisco is known. We want to collaborate with suppliers to ensure that our supply chain operates in the most resilient and ethical manner possible. That’s why we have launched our updated Cisco Supplier Guide: Sustainability, Risk and Security as a resource to help support this work and provide further clarity on our specific reporting and compliance requirements. The guide is also available in Mandarin.

As part of our effort to engage suppliers, Cisco uses its Supplier Guide to ensure our supplier network does the following:

  • Upholds the Cisco Supplier Code of Conduct and cascades responsible business practices into your own supply chain
  • Supports Cisco’s policy and use due diligence to achieve a responsible minerals supply chain
  • Supports Cisco’s commitment to uphold and respect the human rights of all people, and act according to the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights
  • Meets materials compliance requirements as detailed in the Cisco Controlled Substances Specification
  • Works together with us to achieve Cisco’s circular economy objectives
  • Publicly reports GHG emissions and reduction targets as prescribed and upholds environmental responsibility standards
  • Meets applicable security requirements as described in our Master Security Specification
  • Seeks to share opportunities to strengthen our partnership, and provide feedback on these key areas

Looking ahead, we continue to grow and innovate in our sustainability and risk programs, setting ambitious new goals, collaborating with industry peers, and expanding our scope to deliver value for our business, our customers and our partners.

For more information, please visit our ESG Reporting Hub and read our latest Purpose Report. Those two resources host relevant information and data related to many aspects of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, performance, and policies.

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