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The Time To Transform Our Energy Future Is Now

by Brian Brickhouse

The Time To Transform Our Energy Future Is Now

by Brian Brickhouse

Published 06-09-22

Submitted by Eaton Corporation

Brian Brickhouse

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Peter Drucker

In the midst of several historic events visibly unfolding around us, Drucker’s quote has taken on new relevance for companies and society as the world engages in another, quieter transformative process – the energy transformation.

Energy use is no longer a passive cost of doing business but is now a key part of a company’s environmental, social, and corporate governance initiatives (ESG). It is an increasingly complex system that requires rigorous management and a rapidly evolving set of choices. As Eaton leaders Tim Darkes and Cyrille Brisson recently highlighted, the energy transition is transforming how we manage power.

Companies such as Eaton are at the forefront of this transformation, and we’re helping to drive the future of intelligent power management.

"Energy use is no longer a passive cost of doing business but is now a key part of a company’s environmental, social, and corporate governance initiatives (ESG). It is an increasingly complex system that requires rigorous management and a rapidly evolving set of choices."

Brian Brickhouse, President, Americas Region, Electrical Sector

Eaton Energy Infographic

Leveraging infrastructure investments to drive change

The electrical grid is shifting to bi-directional power as distributed energy resources proliferate, technology has advanced to allow for smarter management of power solutions, and investments must be made by governments around the world to ensure the electrical infrastructure is cyber secure, resilient, and providing intelligence and insights around operational productivity.

In the U.S., funding has also been made available to tackle some of these very issues. In November 2021, President Biden signed the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) into law, paving the way for a tremendous investment in the country’s infrastructure. This will provide resources for numerous projects across the nation, including:

  • $110 billion for roads, bridges, and major infrastructure projects
  • $65 billion to rebuild the electric grid
  • $65 billion for improving broadband infrastructure
  • $55 billion to upgrade water infrastructure
  • $50 billion towards system resiliency updates
  • $47.5 billion for zero and low-emission ferries and buses
  • $25 billion for repair in maintenance in airports
  • $21 billion for environmental remediation projects
  • $17 billion for investments in port infrastructure
  • $11 billion for transportation safety
  • $7.5 billion for expanding the nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations

With the list’s heavy focus on energy, especially in reinforcing and upgrading our current infrastructure, power management companies have a clear responsibility – and opportunity ─ to develop solutions to meet the world’s most urgent energy needs. Predictions around energy use show an increased need to meet the global demand for energy. That also includes the full production process, starting with generation, moving into delivery and finally, increasing capacity of energy storage. Here and across the globe, we are asking more of our electricity than ever before.

Meeting the world’s demand for renewable energy

We also know the demands on our energy are evolving in parallel to our changing needs in this modern world. People continue to look for ways to harness cleaner energy and a smarter, bi-directional system that fits the needs of organizations and aligns with their own values. Discussions around decarbonization are no longer idealistic ─ development and pricing have made them more accessible to businesses and individuals to deploy as they seek to reduce their own carbon footprints. A poll taken a month prior to the Ukraine invasion found that 69 percent of Americans want the United States to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Technology as a force for change

Innovations in technology – and our reliance on it, particularly during the pandemic – have also been key in driving the transformation.

The idea of having stable internet access is no longer a “nice to have” and technology companies rely on advanced systems for everything from placing orders to resource deployment to providing security services to their own clients. Flexibility and reliability are essential, and the cost of not being prepared is steep. In 2017, a major cloud service provider went down for four hours and impacted millions of websites. The outage resulted in a loss of $150 million for S&P 500 companies and $160 million for financial services firms that used the system.

Eaton has been working with its customers to create and deliver solutions through this rapidly changing environment for a while, and the IIJA has created an expanded opportunity for homes and businesses to reexamine their own energy needs. Inside of our company, we are examining how our solutions, technology, and products can be deployed as part of the investment in infrastructure.

Now is the perfect time for everyone to lean into technology to make smarter decisions regarding energy use and consumption that will help regulate costs and provide operational benefits. And as an added benefit, companies can work to find solutions that will accelerate the energy transition while being kinder to the environment.

At Eaton, we’re committed to providing solutions and driving innovation to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. The world is demanding more of our energy and we stand ready to meet the challenge.

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Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation

Eaton is an intelligent power management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people everywhere. We are guided by our commitment to do business right, to operate sustainably and to help our customers manage power ─ today and well into the future. By capitalizing on the global growth trends of electrification and digitalization, we’re accelerating the planet’s transition to renewable energy, helping to solve the world’s most urgent power management challenges, and doing what’s best for our stakeholders and all of society.

Founded in 1911, Eaton is marking its 100th anniversary of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We reported revenues of $20.8 billion in 2022 and serve customers in more than 170 countries. For more information, visit Follow us on LinkedIn.

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