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Pantene and 2SLGBTQ+ Organizations Unite To Encourage Allyship and Inclusivity in the Canadian Workplace

Campaign to support self-expression in the Canadian workplace comes as research shows more than half of 2SLGBTQ+ feel the need to hide their identities at work

Pantene and 2SLGBTQ+ Organizations Unite To Encourage Allyship and Inclusivity in the Canadian Workplace

Campaign to support self-expression in the Canadian workplace comes as research shows more than half of 2SLGBTQ+ feel the need to hide their identities at work

Published 05-25-22

Submitted by P&G

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TORONTO, May 25, 2022 /CSRwire/ - As many Canadians head back to offices for the first time in two years, Pantene has partnered with 2SLGBTQ+ organizations, including Pride at Work Canada and Dresscode Project (DCP), to encourage support and allyship in the workplace for the third chapter of its #HairHasNoGender campaign.

The latest #HairHasNoGender initiative, which highlights the role of hair in identity and expression, was inspired by research revealing 53% of 2SLGBTQ+ feel the need to hide their identities at work*, and that fewer than 0.3% of Fortune 500 board directors were openly 2SLGBTQ+ in 2020**.

Pantene champions the 2SLGBTQ+ community through education, allyship and storytelling from members of the community. The past two #HairHasNoGender initiatives spotlighted more than 15 members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community sharing their individual stories to highlight the power hair has had on their own personal journeys and the importance of support from loved ones.

This year, Pantene teams up with 12 members across the 2SLGBTQ+ spectrum and around the globe to recount their lived experiences and highlight the importance of allyship in the workplace. The group includes Canadian trans artist Vivek Shraya, Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, and features people from a range of backgrounds and career paths — a lawyer, a model, a race car driver — whose similar experiences in the workplace underscore the need to build more inclusive and diverse spaces.

“Your workplace is like your second home. When you’re in a space where you’re just trying to do your job and the people around you aren’t supportive of who you are or make it difficult to express yourself, it makes it difficult for you to work. So many queer and trans people feel like we can’t bring our whole selves to work. No one should have to compartmentalize who they are in the workplace. I’m so grateful to be able to be all the things I am in my job and be treated with respect by my students and colleagues.”
/ Vivek Shraya (she/her), Assistant Professor & Artist (Canada)

The campaign launches on May 17th – the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) – with the release of a new film series on YouTube named Workplace: Re-imagined. The series explores the role of hair in identity expression and how an inclusive work environment — and in particular, the support of colleagues — can give 2SLGBTQ+ the confidence to express themselves in the workplace. Pantene’s ultimate mission is to create more allies and safer spaces for the community, and to encourage people to live their true identities, including expressing themselves through their hair.

“At P&G, our mission is to “lead with love” and we are continuously striving to create an inclusive workplace to encourage individuals to feel confident to express their true selves, including how they wear their hair. We know this results in a more collaborative and positive workplace for all. With the help of Pride at Work Canada, Dresscode Project and the other 2SLGBTQ+ partner organizations, our goal is to help educate and equip organizations and individuals with the necessary tools to become better, more supportive allies.”
/ Lisa Reid (she/her), Country Leader, P&G Beauty


In tandem with the release of the new series, Pantene will also release educational materials and tips for organizations and individuals to make the workplace more inclusive and to help people learn how to become more inclusive colleagues. Co-created with Canadian partners Pride at Work Canada and Dresscode Project, and in conjunction with 2SLGBTQ+ associations across the globe, the materials will be accessible to all on the Pantene Canada website.

“At Pride at Work Canada, it is our mission to employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of sex, gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Through education and resources, such as the Tips Guide developed in partnership with Pantene, we are able to equip employers with the tools needed to allow every individual to achieve their full potential at work. This is one step closer to building cultures of belonging through affirming, welcoming and meaningful employment for everyone to express themselves at work.”
/ Jade Pichette (they/them), Director of Programs, Pride at Work Canada

In its third year of #HairHasNoGender, Pantene is continuing its collaboration with Toronto-based Dresscode Project, an alliance of safer hair salon spaces founded by Kristin Rankin. DCP envisions a world where every hair salon and barbershop is a gender-affirming, safer space for 2SLGBTQS+ clients. With the ultimate goal of expanding the DCP-accredited salon network globally, Pantene and DCP are working together to facilitate inclusivity training for hair stylists and create counselling spaces to allow everyone to have a positive hair journey and more great hair days. This year, Kristin created educational materials that are available on the Pantene website.

“As an employer, leader, or manager in the room it is important to recognize that taking initiative around inclusivity in the workplace starts with you. But you might not always know where to start. With this in mind, I created training materials on how to be an 2SLGBTQ+ ally in the workplace for Pantene that are now available for everyone to access.”                                                                                                                                / Kristin Rankin (they/them), Founder, Dresscode Project

Pantene’s long-term commitment to create great hair days for everyone involves more than product science. The impact of hair extends far beyond the physical — it has a profound impact on people’s emotional wellbeing. Pantene continues to explore the social, psychological, and emotional power of hair on personal identity, self-esteem, and confidence, and believes everyone should be allowed to express their own journeys in an honest, open way.

Whatever hair you dream of, whatever job you aim for, PANTENE stands with you.

To find out more about Pantene’s #HairHasNoGender campaign visit

Join the conversation by using the hashtags #HairHasNoGender #PowerOfHair #PanteneHair and follow along the journeys of those showcased in the films: @vivekshraya, @avvocathy, @leperledegliomofobi, @joppe_dc, @angelaponceofficia, @gocharliem, @strify, @eduardonavarreteoficial, @katy_gramma.

** Research: LGBTQ Workplace Issues (
* LGBTQ Workplace Diversity & Inclusion—A Matter of PRIDE (

Notes to Editors

  • In 1992, P&G was among the first companies in the world to include sexual orientation into its diversity statement. Today, its 2SLGBTQ+ employee affinity group spans the globe representing more than 5,000 employees in 39 countries.
  • P&G is one of 12 founding members of the first global coalition (Human Rights Campaign) and has been committed to diversity and inclusion for decades internally and externally, fostering 2SLGBTQ+ equality in the workplace throughout the world.
  • Externally, as the world’s largest advertiser, P&G has led by example in showing support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community across a multitude of marketing efforts. The partnership with Dresscode Project and the #HairHasNoGender campaign is just one example of many of its ongoing commitment to inclusivity and diversity in brand communications.

Christina Miller
MSLGROUP on behalf of Pantene Canada

Source: Procter & Gamble

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