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Chemours Shares How Bold Innovation, Collaboration, and Action Can Solve Some of the World's Greatest Challenges

Chemours Shares How Bold Innovation, Collaboration, and Action Can Solve Some of the World's Greatest Challenges

Published 04-25-22

Submitted by The Chemours Company

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As I reflect on Earth Day 2022, it reminds me why our company vision – to create a better world through the power of our chemistry – is so important.

At Chemours, we create amazing chemistries that enable a low carbon future and solve many sustainability challenges for our customers. But we know that it’s not just about the chemistries we create. We must manufacture these chemistries in a holistically safe and sustainable way.  

We know we can succeed toward this vision with a focus on innovation of sustainable products and processes, taking action as environmental leaders, engaging with our communities, and working together to make our company the greatest place to work.

Over the years, I’ve heard many definitions of sustainability – but all have a foundation of doing well as a business and for people and the planet. It’s not a choice – sustainability runs at the intersection of adding business and societal value. Our vision is indeed a sustainability vision.  

Earlier this week, when speaking at the Reuters Responsible Business conference, I shared something my Chemours colleagues have heard often: the importance for each of our 6,400 employees to be a sustainability leader working together to reach our goals.

We aim to empower every one of our collective entrepreneurs to be a sustainability leader – in whatever role you play – whether in manufacturing, finance, procurement, legal, or in the business. Each of us, working together with our customers, communities, and stakeholders are connected to this vision and can, in ways both large and small, push us further on our sustainability journey.

Acting on our company vision, we will innovate sustainable solutions that enable the hydrogen economy, enhance the electrification of vehicles, find new solutions that leverage our low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and more.  

We will work together through partnerships with academics, national laboratories, and others to bring to scale the technologies that are needed to meet our aspiration of net zero emissions by 2050, while acting today to increase energy efficiency and our use of renewable resources.

We will partner with our customers helping them on their sustainability journeys through innovation of both products and processes. And likewise, we will partner with our suppliers to help us on our journey. 

Working with our communities and partners like the Wildlife Habitat Council, we will enhance and improve the biodiversity of the natural resources around our sites. We will support STEM education for all – especially in underserved communities – helping to ensure the next generation of scientists continue to lead us toward a more sustainable future.

Together, we must act to create a better world.

It will take bold innovation and collaboration acting today to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. And I know we can. We must.

Whatever you are doing on this Earth Day to make a difference – thank you!  Whatever small thing – it matters. On Earth Day – and every day in Chemours – this is our purpose.

Sheryl Telford is the chief sustainability officer and vice president of environment, health, and safety at The Chemours Company. She plays a central role in establishing strategic collaborations and partnerships with external experts, companies, industries, and organizations to advance Chemours’ sustainability efforts and advocate for sustainable, science-based policy and regulation. Read more about Chemours’ Corporate Responsibility Commitment here.


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