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7 EcoHacks to Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

7 EcoHacks to Treat Every Day Like Earth Day

Published 04-21-22

Submitted by O-I Glass, Inc.

Several different jars of condiments

Creating a sustainable lifestyle might feel like a monumental task, but it’s easier to manage when you think about making small changes. We’ve collected a series of seven simple ecohacks you can do to make every day feel like Earth Day. These ecohacks are designed to be so simple, you’ll probably find yourself showing off your newfound sustainable trick on Insta or TikTok.

You’ll notice many of the hacks include glass bottles and jars. That’s because glass is 100% recyclable and a super-friendly material to reuse. Enjoy these simple ideas.

EcoHack #1: Upcycle your glass bottles or jars for decor and organization

We all end up with glass containers in our homes, cars and offices. But did you know you can recycle, reuse and repurpose glass endlessly? Add to your decor or organize the clutter:

EcoHack #2: Make recycling fun

As a species, we’re drawn to pleasurable activities. And when we’re having fun doing something, we tend to want to keep doing it, over and over again. Try the following ecohacks:

EcoHack #3: Get the family involved and invested in sustainable practices

There are so many ecohacks you can get your family to practice. For example, O-I Sustainability Data Engineer Specialist, Gabriela Trindade, teaches her kids about the link between growing vegetables and consuming food: “I have a small vegetable garden that I grow 100% organic, and I use that to educate my kids about our responsibility for the food we consume and the time it takes to grow,” she says.

You can also:

EcoHack #4: Mindful shopping

Take the time to find and buy food packaged in glass instead of plastic or metal. Glass is not only kindest for the planet, but forgoing that plastic food packaging is also an easy swap for your health.

  • -Being more mindful and choosing glass on the shelf is an ecohack.
  • -There are lots of choices for swapping items packaged in glass once you realize your cart is typically filled with plastic packaging. Yogurt, peanut butter, and seltzer are great places to start.

EcoHack #5: Use glass jars to prep and store food

When you can’t find the food products you like packaged in glass, swap them into glass containers when you get home. “I like to wash and prep fruits and veggies and store them in the fridge. It helps my food stay good longer and reduce food waste,”  says Emily Walker, O-I Sustainability Data Specialist, Reporting & Content.

Other food prep and storage ecohacks include:

EcoHack #6: Reduce waste

You can help reduce waste in so many ways. O-I Sustainability Strategy Leader Bob Hippert says, “I travel quite a bit. I reuse travel bottles — shampoo, conditioner, hair gel — instead of using new ones to cut down on packaging waste. Many small travel-sized bottles have caps that unscrew, making them easy to refill.”

Here are some more waste-reducing ecohacks to try:

EcoHack #7: Give glass jars another life for plant propagation

Try EcoHacks On for Size

See?! Adding a few simple swaps to live a more sustainable life can be quick and easy. If you have any ecohacks you want to show off, tag us on TikTok or Instagram. We’d love to see your tricks for reuse, reduce and recycle.

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