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Let's Celebrate Volunteers!

Taproot Foundation Honors Volunteers This National Volunteer Week

Let's Celebrate Volunteers!

Taproot Foundation Honors Volunteers This National Volunteer Week

Published 04-19-22

Submitted by Taproot Foundation

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Let’s Celebrate Volunteers!

It’s National Volunteer Week, a time to recognize the power of volunteers around the world! Established in 1974, this annual celebration inspires, honors, and encourages people to volunteer and make an impact in their communities.

We are so grateful to our powerful network of over 30,000 skilled volunteers who have donated more than 1.9 million hours since 2001. They truly are the lifeblood of Taproot Foundation, and every success is due to their talents and dedication.

How Taproot volunteers are different

All volunteers are critical to advancing the missions of nonprofits. At Taproot, we connect social change organizations with our community of skilled volunteers to drive social impact. Taproot volunteers provide capacity-building support in marketing, HR, technology, and strategy that many nonprofits can’t access because they don’t have the resources. These volunteer opportunities also offer professionals innovative ways to donate their skills to causes they care about.

Nonprofits express their gratitude

Taproot volunteers have served more than 10,000 social change organizations since 2001. Here are just a few of those nonprofit leaders praising their volunteers.

“Taproot provided us with a team of skilled volunteers that were smart, organized, and really committed. We knew we could count on them.” – Randy Rollison, Intersection for the Arts

“The volunteers we have found are amazing individuals, with big professional skill sets and even bigger hearts.” - Mary Lyski, Double Comfort Foods

Read more success stories of our nonprofit partners.

Volunteers share their feedback

We recently surveyed our volunteers about their experiences to help us improve our services—and to learn what they enjoy about Taproot. Here are some responses to “What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering through Taproot?”

“Volunteering through Taproot gives you the opportunity to touch the lives of the nonprofits you work with. It's emotionally gratifying.” – Don Mulkey

“Very worthwhile experience and it enhances social skills and a sense of purpose.” – Kevin Williams

Jan Hertzsch has volunteered his financial expertise through Taproot with 47 organizations over the last six years. Jan said, “I thought it was a great way to use the skills I had acquired over a 40-year career.”

Make a difference – in less than an hour

You may have hundreds of reasons to volunteer your talents—to connect with your community, learn about social issues, and strengthen your skills—but time is tight. We get it. That’s why we offer one-hour Taproot Plus Sessions.

A Taproot Plus Session is a 60-minute virtual consultation that connects a volunteer with a nonprofit, public school, or small business. This can be a chance to brainstorm with a nonprofit on their social media strategy, advise an organization on recruiting board members, or suggest data management tools to a small business. And you can volunteer from home!

Not sure if skilled volunteering is right for you?

With so many volunteer opportunities, you want to find the right fit. All organizations need your support to drive change and impact communities, but if you want to learn more about skilled volunteering, watch our on-demand webinar, The Value of Donating Your Skills for Social Change.

If you already volunteer through Taproot, thank you for supporting nonprofits, small businesses, and social change organizations around the world.

If you’d like to join our community of volunteers, sign up on Taproot Plus, our volunteer matching platform.

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About the Taproot Foundation
Taproot Foundation, a U.S. based nonprofit, connects nonprofits and social change organizations with passionate, skilled volunteers who share their expertise pro bono. Taproot is creating a world where organizations dedicated to social change have full access—through pro bono service—to the marketing, strategy, HR, and IT resources they need to be most effective. Since 2001, Taproot’s skilled volunteers have served over 8,400 social change organizations providing more than 1.8 million hours of work worth over $260 million in value. Taproot has offices in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and co-founded a network of global pro bono providers in over 30 countries around the world. @taprootfound

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The Taproot Foundation is the provider of pro bono services to the nonprofit sector. It works to engage the country's millions of business professionals in pro bono service, building the infrastructure of organizations we rely on to strengthen and support our communities. Their pro bono model leverages the best practices of leading professional services companies to deliver reliable and quality marketing, human resources and technology services using corporate employees. Since 2002, the Taproot Foundation has recruited over 3,500 business professionals to awarded over $12 million in pro bono services to nonprofits in New York, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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