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You Can Help Conserve and Protect Groundwater

You Can Help Conserve and Protect Groundwater

Published 04-11-22

Submitted by DOW

Info graphic of 8 ways to save water from shorter showers, keeping water in the fridge to cool, not dumping chemicals, using litter to contain oil spills, to landscaping with native plants and using more natural cleaners.
Here are eight simple ways to conserve groundwater at home

Groundwater is the hidden treasure under our feet. While groundwater is invisible, we can see its impact everywhere. Much of the freshwater we use for drinking, sanitation, food production and industrial processes comes from groundwater. It’s also an essential part of ecosystems, as it feeds springs, rivers, lakes and wetlands. Over-use, pollution and climate change all place strain on this incredibly vital resource. That’s why we must do our part to make sure everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water while balancing the needs of our planet. Together, we can protect this valuable treasure!

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