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SAMBAZON Commits $25,000 to Alleviate Poverty through Whole Planet Foundation

SAMBAZON Commits $25,000 to Alleviate Poverty through Whole Planet Foundation

Published 03-15-22

Submitted by Whole Foods Market Foundation

Since 2011, SAMBAZON has donated $410,975 to Whole Planet Foundation to fund 9,795 microloans and created 53,392 opportunities for low-income entrepreneurs – mostly women. We welcome SAMBAZON this year to the $25,000 Poverty is Unnecessary Fund and look forward to continuing our work together towards our collective mission of empowering people to change their own lives. 

"SAMBAZON started our partnership with the Whole Planet Foundation over ten years ago to support one of our key retailers and connect their employees with our programs. We are so glad to once again be part of Whole Planet’s mission to alleviate global poverty through access to capital for the world’s most underserved communities. SAMBAZON sources Açaí from an area of the Brazilian Amazon that has traditionally been underserved. Through Fair Trade certification, we not only ensure a fair price for Açaí, but to date, SAMBAZON has contributed $1 million to projects such as building and improving schools, community centers, and health centers. This has made a difference in the lives of thousands of families, which shows, like the micro-entrepreneurs supported through Whole Planet Foundation, how the power of Conscious Commerce can contribute to a more equitable global economy,” says Marasie Schumacher, SAMBAZON Global Director of Sustainability. 

Watch the video and learn more in this SAMBAZON blog post.  

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Whole Foods Market Foundation works to nourish people and the planet by helping to advance economic opportunities, nutrition, and healthy food access in local and global communities. Founded by Whole Foods Market, the registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas, encompasses the projects of Whole Planet, Whole Kids and Whole Cities.  

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