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What Are the New Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Regulatory, Resource, and Policy Demands?

What Are the New Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Regulatory, Resource, and Policy Demands?

Published 03-10-22

Submitted by BSI Group

ESG A New Measure of Business Value with the BSI logo

“As an organization, if you're not already baking in the cost of carbon into your cost of goods, you're going into the future blind”

Ryan Lynch, BSI Americas Professional Services' Practice Director of Sustainability

March 10, 2022 /CSRwire/ - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) encompasses a broad category of topics with wide implications for how companies and industries manage and disclose on these topics. Many teams grapple with the issues of when to start, where to start, what to prioritize, and even the simple question of “why are we doing this?” Do all the components of “Environmental, Social, and Governance” matter equally? How do you measure success? How do you measure progress?

Ryan Lynch, BSI Americas Professional Services' Practice Director of Sustainability, provides an in-depth, 30-minute briefing on the increasing demand for companies to comply with ESG from investors, lenders, customers and other stakeholders.

Why ESG matters more now to suppliers, private companies, public companies, customers and regulators

In this analysis, Ryan outlines how leading organizations are making ESG compliance easier, accurate and cost-effective. He interprets key challenges in the following areas:
  • Why investors are increasingly caring about a company’s ESG profile when considering how they allocate their investment capital
  • When should we expect ESG compliance to be mandatory, and what is a likely rollout timeframe for new rules on ESG compliance
  • How companies are creating actional ESG goals and implementing accurate ESG measurement of their upstream and downstream impacts
  • What ESG activities and focus areas offer maximum return for the effort expended
  • Methods for “scoping” ESG operations, including how Scope 1 and 2 concerns are being applied to Scope 3 issues
  • What makes product (and services) life cycle factors important for ESG compliance
  • ESG training and readiness factors such as management systems creation, adaptation and integration along with understanding gaps in ESG implementation
  • How companies should plan and budget when considering scaling up ESG operations
  • How organizations are collaborating to ensure their suppliers are meeting upstream ESG goals including cross-company initiatives and combined auditing and enforcement
  • How social issues are growing in importance in affecting ESG considerations made by organizations.
  • The critical balance between environmental and social and governing concerns within the ESG framework

And much, much more.

An expanded written transcript is provided of the video briefing core information plus added insights.

About BSI Consulting Services

For more than 100 years, BSI’s commitment and pledge to the public good have shown through in our championing the most popular standards on the planet, including the world’s first standard for environmental management systems. Two million organizations have embedded BSI best practice standards. Today, we are active in 8,000 standard projects globally.

While distinct from BSI’s standards activities, BSI Consulting Services is focused on achieving compliance with regulations and any other Environment, Health, Safety, Sustainability and Security (EH3S) requirement, by applying best practice and leveraging our knowledge of standards. We work in partnership with our clients based on trust, and every interaction is an expression of our values: integrity, respect, and expertise. We improve resilience in the operations, supply chain and information security domains. Our exclusive blend of consulting, knowledge, assurance, and regulatory services enable us to bring the optimum approach to our clients when the path forward is unchartered and deep technical experience is required.

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