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This Year, Ask for More

2022 is a year for you, the customer, to expect more.

This Year, Ask for More

2022 is a year for you, the customer, to expect more.

Published 02-25-22

Submitted by NRG Energy

Father and daughter seated behind a curtain and looking at the screen of a laptop.

By Mauricio Gutierrez

More flexibility and care.

More control over your budget and environmental impact.

More options to keep your life moving.

Like many of you, I have read year-ahead predictions about our industry for years. They always seem to focus on the latest disruptive technology, the “silver bullet” that will change how we generate or store electrons. However, the way I see it, power has become personal, and 2022 is the year to talk about the people we serve and how our services can positively impact their lives.

Recently, our homes became the hub for everything — and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. We now enjoy a digital-enabled lifestyle; whether that’s ordering a meal from the comfort of our home or taking that morning meeting virtually, we have more freedom than ever before to invest time in what matters most. It’s not just transportation that’s becoming electrified; it’s our whole digital economy.

This social evolution drives a mounting responsibility for those of us who keep your life "on". Until now, consumers have accepted a stubbornly stagnant approach to energy, offering no choice on providers and no opportunity to customize this critical service to serve our lifestyles and business needs better. Despite utilizing some of those industry-disrupting technologies, most companies provide one of the most valuable services of the 21st century in a 20th-century fashion.

That’s why NRG is doing something different. Our work has become less about what we do and much more about how we do it. For example, we’ve evolved our business to include power and home services in addition to our retail energy offerings. We envision becoming a “home concierge” for our customers, bringing them peace of mind, customization, and convenience. Let’s put it this way; we are making energy and technology simple so that you can spend your time elsewhere.

Innovation drives this vision, which at NRG, occurs at the nexus of people and information. Thousands of experts who deeply understand how energy is made, delivered, and consumed, provide insights that help us design plans, products, and digital tools to serve customers better. From integrating clean energy and resilience, to enabling EVs and energy efficiency, we’re supporting where our customers’ preferences are going, today and into the future.

At our core, NRG will always offer the power that keeps communities safe, businesses growing, and lives increasingly connected. But power can be so much more. We’re powering convenience, connectivity, sustainability, and protection for our customers. So this year, let’s reject the old in favor of customer choice and innovation.

In 2022, let’s put power in your hands.

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At NRG, we’re bringing the power of energy to people and organizations by putting customers at the center of everything we do. We generate electricity and provide energy solutions and natural gas to millions of customers through our diverse portfolio of retail brands. A Fortune 500 company, operating in the United States and Canada, NRG delivers innovative solutions while advocating for competitive energy markets and customer choice, working towards a sustainable energy future.

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