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M·A·C Cosmetics Launches Back-to-M·A·C Recycling Program in Germany, Norway, Greece & Czech Republic

M·A·C Cosmetics Launches Back-to-M·A·C Recycling Program in Germany, Norway, Greece & Czech Republic

Published 02-22-22

Submitted by M·A·C Cosmetics

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M·A·C Cosmetics’ has expanded its pioneer Back-to-M·A·C takeback program to Germany, Norway, Greece and the Czech Republic to further its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its packaging.

Due to the multipart – and in most cases, multi-material – nature of cosmetics products in addition to their small sizes, most cosmetic product packaging is not widely accepted at recycling plants in most cities around the world. Hence, it is not easy for consumers to know how and where to dispose of their makeup empties. 

To be part of the solution, M·A·C created Back-To-M·A·C over 30 years ago in Canada, where the brand was born – a pioneer takeback program intended to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging by recycling or recovering as much of its iconic black (ABS) plastic packages as possible. M·A·C works with leading recycling partners around the world to recycle its ABS plastic into new plastic, which goes into the production of new materials for things like coffee machines, televisions, office supplies or electronic devices; what can’t be recycled is converted to energy.

“Given the challenges surrounding cosmetics packaging recycling, it’s important to innovate new systems to find success,” says Olga Kachook, Senior Manager, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition. “The Back-To-M·A·C program is a great example of a company leaning into the challenges and working to build meaningful solutions. We applaud M·A·C Cosmetics for their continued dedication to the Back-To- M·A·C program, and we hope it helps create a place for cosmetics packaging in the circular economy.”

Consumers in Germany, Norway, Greece and Czech Republic can bring qualifying empty M·A·C product* packaging to the designated green Back-To- M·A·C collection box located in participating M·A·C stores and retail counters all year round.

“Like many, at M·A·C we care about the planet and are doing our part to help improve our environmental impact” says Philippe Pinatel, Global Brand President, M·A·C Cosmetics. “That’s why we created the Back-To-M·A·C program years ago in Canada, where the brand was born, to help reduce the environmental impact of our packs. And that’s just one piece of the puzzle. We are continuing to design with the environment in mind, making smarter, more responsible packaging choices without compromising our iconic packaging aesthetics and performance. I’m so excited for what’s in store and invite consumers to join us in our journey.” 

Most M·A·C primary packaging – packaging used to contain the product itself, like an eye shadow pot or lipstick case – can be returned as part of the Back-To-M·A·C program. Some exclusions apply. To learn more or find a participating location, visit:

*Some products are not eligible for takeback program, check with your M·A·C makeup artist to learn more.

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Learn more about M·A·C’s commitment to doing good for our global community and the planet at M·A·C Cares.

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