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How MAC Cosmetics' VIVA GLAM Helped Pave the Way for Inclusive Beauty Culture

by Kaleigh Fasanella

Published 07-29-21

Submitted by M·A·C Cosmetics

people in a parade
Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Originally published by Nylon

In recent years, we’ve watched beauty culture slowly become more and more inclusive, with big-name makeup brands finally expanding their shade ranges (amen to that), and skin-care companies showcasing photos of what real skin looks like in all of its flawed glory, sans the filters and airbrushing that we’ve become so accustomed to. With that being said, it’s impossible to talk about the progress we’ve made without mentioning MAC Cosmetics, as they’re one of the first major brands to champion inclusivity, diversity, and equality across the board. In turn, our friends at MAC helped pave the way for the more inclusive beauty landscape that we live in today.

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Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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