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Musim Mas Launches Interactive Webpage and 3rd Annual Aceh Report to Communicate on Progress in the Aceh Province

Musim Mas Launches Interactive Webpage and 3rd Annual Aceh Report to Communicate on Progress in the Aceh Province

Published 11-04-21

Submitted by Musim Mas

Key Highlights

  • Launched the Musim Mas’ No Deforestation, No Peat (NDP) Risk Management Framework to improve the Group’s approach in assessing risks. The framework will be implemented in the province of Aceh.
  • 100% of supplier mills in Aceh Province are committed to NDPE.
  • 16% of supplier mills in Aceh are certified to RSPO standards or are members of RSPO
  • 87% of supplier mills in Aceh have completed Musim Mas’ Self-Assessment Tool
  • 77% risk-based traceability conducted for Aceh
  • operational Smallholders Hub in Aceh Tamiang and Aceh Singkil
  • Announced partnership with Nestlé and AAK to establish an additional Smallholders Hub in Aceh
  • Trained 148 village agricultural officers and 547 independent smallholders in the Smallholders Hub

Musim Mas publishes our third Aceh Progress Report. Aceh Province is a priority landscape to Musim Mas due to its unique biodiversity, history, and 87% of the Aceh-Leuser Ecosystem lies in the Aceh province.

This year, we also launched a dedicated webpage for the Aceh province to ensure stakeholders’ ease of finding specific information on Musim Mas’s work. This year’s report covers the progress on targets made, following the debut of our five-year strategy and roadmap for the Aceh landscape last year. The strategy, summarised in our 2020 Aceh progress report, details the objectives and targets for implementing our No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) policy.

The Aceh landscape strategy comprises three objectives, namely Engagement, Assurance, and Monitoring and Response. Firstly, the Engagement objective entails outreach to independent smallholders and mills to convey NDPE requirements and the possible consequences of non-compliance. The Assurance objective ensures that the mills supplying crude palm oil and palm kernels to Musim Mas are NDPE compliant. Finally, the Monitoring and Response objective contains proactive elements to detect and verify deforestation at the landscape or jurisdictional level. All three objectives have a stated set of measurable targets to indicate progress.

This year’s report also published new Musim Mas’ No Deforestation, No Peat (NDP) Risk Management Framework, field-tested in the Aceh Province. The risk framework will better assess the risk of non-compliance with No Deforestation and No Peatland requirements of our operations and third-party suppliers (which includes mills, concessions, smallholders, and outgrowers) supplying our mills and refineries. Mapping out the risks allows us to focus our mitigation efforts towards high-risk mills by engaging suppliers to ensure NDP compliance.

Looking at Aceh through the lens of risk, we can prioritize and focus our efforts towards developing strategies to assess and mitigate risks surrounding our supply sheds. This year, despite COVID-19, we have continued our efforts to implement our Aceh landscape strategy and have made significant headway since the first edition of our report.

The link to our Aceh Webpage and Aceh Report 2021 can be found here.

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