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What Do Jobs in Corporate Responsibility Look Like?

Iris Wickham reflects on learnings from her memorable internship with NortonLifeLock and the opportunities ahead

What Do Jobs in Corporate Responsibility Look Like?

Iris Wickham reflects on learnings from her memorable internship with NortonLifeLock and the opportunities ahead

Published 11-03-21

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Zoom meeting featuring various volunteers on webcam for a virtual volunteer event
Above: Iris leads a virtual volunteer event for the NortonLifeLock 2021 interns

NortonLifeLock Blog | Corporate Responsibility

By Iris Wickham, Corporate Responsibility Intern

As a college freshman, I knew my chances of securing a meaningful internship for the upcoming summer were relatively low. Little did I know that a team of highly accomplished and empowering women would believe in my potential enough to invite me to join the Corporate Responsibility team at NortonLifeLock. I took on this internship eager to learn and make an impact, and my team made sure I did just that. While I'm disappointed that the internship has come to an end and I’ve headed back to school, I’m taking so much learning with me from this wonderful experience. 

Before arriving, my dream was to work within the business world to create positive social impact. I learned that this dream is basically the objective of Corporate Responsibility in a nutshell. However, I had not had the chance to understand what corporate responsibility jobs look like in a professional environment. Right from day one, my team added me to calls and gave me projects that enabled me to engage with highly impactful nonprofit organizations and socially committed NortonLifeLock employees. We laughed, learned, and advocated for things we care about across many areas of work. 

The incredible spirit of NortonLifeLock employees is hard to understate. On more occasions than not, employees as high up as CEO Vincent Pilette would join volunteer events with a smile on their faces, visibly excited to make a difference. The volunteer events our team planned not only supported worthy causes, but also encouraged team building and closeness among employees from across departments and across the world. Every company should strive to create a community like this one.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the Corporate Responsibility team for the mentorship, support, and enthusiasm they showed me throughout the three+ months that I was lucky enough to work here. I am grateful to have had a powerful and inspiring leader that helped me learn how to think on my feet, a dependable and caring supervisor, and colleagues who modeled how to constantly display kindness and diligence simultaneously. 

Wherever life takes me, I know I have grown as a person and will always remember my corporate responsibility internship as extraordinary–and I will always think incredibly highly of NortonLifeLock. In the future, I hope to “pay it forward” by encouraging other firms to emulate the kind of corporate best practices I witnessed at NortonLifeLock and to do my utmost to lead by example like the team leaders I was privileged to work with. 

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