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Privacy Is Our Shared Responsibility

Helping protect the privacy of individuals is key to a Cyber Safe future

Privacy Is Our Shared Responsibility

Helping protect the privacy of individuals is key to a Cyber Safe future

Published 10-29-21

Submitted by Gen

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NortonLifeLock Blog | Corporate Responsibility

By Darren Shou, Chief Technology Officer

We are closing out Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a look back at two incredible events that I participated in that addressed ongoing and future Cyber Safety challenges. The first, Cybersecuring America: Our Shared Responsibility, focused on the well-coordinated, public and private approaches needed to ensure that every part of our interconnected society is secure.

While bi-partisan bills have recently been introduced to improve cybersecurity funding and infrastructure in the U.S., it’s not enough—corporations must step up and consumers must be included as a population in need of protection. As a representative of NortonLifeLock, I provided a critical perspective on consumer privacy legislation and protection. NortonLifeLock is fiercely dedicated to advocating for data privacy rights for everyday people.

The event took place virtually on October 7 and included an incredible panel of experts. Lisa Plaggemier, Interim Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, contributed an important perspective on the role of private companies in data protection and how data sharing with third party companies needs to be better regulated. Lisa has previously spoken about “breach fatigue,” the idea that, because data breaches run the gamut of minor inconvenience to total identity theft, companies and people are reluctant to take cyber-attacks seriously until it affects them personally.

Kate Charlet, Director for Data Governance at Google, contributed the idea that better privacy laws and data protection would make the U.S. a more desirable trade partner and increase its global influence. Other panelists included Representatives Yvette Clark and Lauren Underwood, and the Chief Information Security Officer from the U.S. House of Representatives.

The second event, National Cyber Security Alliance and Nasdaq 2021 Cybersecurity Summit– Cybersecurity Crossroads: The Intersection of Information, Technology, and People– was a day-long event held in New York City on October 27. The event focused on challenges the cybersecurity community faces and how organizations and professionals can enable a safer and more secure world.

Participating panelists provided a deep and diverse wealth of knowledge on cybersecurity from several different perspectives. Camille Stewart, Global Head of Product Security Strategy at Google, has contributed to several federal cyber policies and has spoken about how Black cyber lawyers see racial diversity as key to data safety. Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist and Strategy officer at KnowBe4, a popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform, had a unique perspective on how human behavior drives security.

I am honored to have been a part of these important panels and will continue to help to inform government leaders on the importance of protecting the privacy and data rights of every person.

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