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Google and Engie Strike New Renewable Energy Deal

by Dulce Flores

Google and Engie Strike New Renewable Energy Deal

by Dulce Flores

Published 10-04-21

Submitted by Acre

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Originally published by Acre

Google has signed a new 140MW renewable energy supply contract with French utility firm Engie, the tech company has announced. 

The three-year agreement means Engie will provide Google with renewable electricity from solar and wind sources in Germany, via an energy portfolio. 

The solar power will be sourced from a new 39MW photovoltaic (PV) project which is scheduled to operate in 2023. The wind power will come from 22 wind parks in five federal states that will see their lives extended so they continue to produce electricity rather than being dismantled at their end of life. 

Google expects the energy delivered to its German facilities to be nearly 80 percent carbon-free by 2022 when measured on an hourly basis and the move will help the firm achieve its Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) target for 2030, which will cover its data centres, Cloud platforms and offices across the world. 

The companies first collaborated in 2019 with the signing of a five-year green Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from offshore wind in Belgium, followed by a similar deal in the Netherlands. 

Marc Oman, energy senior lead of Global Data Centers at Google, said: "We selected Engie because of its expertise in decarbonization and its ability to transform the delivery of clean energy.  

"We need cooperation and partnerships with leading energy companies such as Engie, who work together for the long-term, sustainable use of energy. " 

Ralf Bernhard, senior originator renewables, Engie, said: “Thanks to our expertise in energy and risk management, we can seamlessly integrate renewable energy from existing plants and develop new assets to design a tailor-made product that meets Google’s needs and plans to go even greener.” 

Paulo Almirante, senior executive VP responsible for Renewable and Global Energy Management activities at Engie, said: “Engie is delighted to be working with Google again and expanding the existing partnership between the two companies. As a leading player in renewable energy and with global expertise in decarbonization, Engie will be instrumental in helping Google achieve its ambitious goal of carbon-free energy”. 

Dulce Flores, Senior Consultant - Europe, said “This is an exciting move for two inspirational companies to join forces once again and galvanize their corporate responsibilities. 

“Further greening a company of this scale that continues to grow takes serious expertise and planning and this deal showcases the power and possibilities of renewable energy.” 

Google is also planning to expand its Frankfurt Cloud region with a data center and the launch of a new Berlin-Brandenburg Cloud region. 

Dulce focuses on supporting corporates, consultancies, tech innovators, and NGOs searching for senior and high executive specialists for strategic, commercial, and operational roles within the Clean Technology ecosystem.

She has a strong record of success with placements across Sustainable Energy Services, Carbon Markets, Sustainable Transportation, and Agrotech. Additionally, Dulce is copped with significant experience in talent mapping, headhunting, and candidate engagement on a global scale. 

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