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Social Responsibility in Action

Social Responsibility in Action

Published 06-29-21

Submitted by Aflac Incorporated

James Mailman, Field Liaison Manager: “Well, a lot of people go to work for a paycheck. That’s it. They don’t care about anything else. Aflac cares about everything else. When I first got out of the Navy, I came here, and I applied to several different places. And I was hoping to get on at Aflac for the simple reason that they take care of people. When I found out their philanthropic deal with the Cancer Center, I just thought that was amazing. They support the Beads of Courage. They've purchased a little NASCAR for the kids. They’ve bought video games, backpacks, books, you know, just things that the kids need for day to day. And it’s really, really took off.”

Kim Huddleston, Experience & Diversity Consultant: “The diversity council was birthed, if you will in 2001, at the request of our CEO Dan Amos, and the main focus of the diversity council was just to carry out the focus on diversity initiatives, whether it was internally or externally.”

Sherricka Day, Consumer Response & Resolution Coordinator: “We all look different. We all have different backgrounds, and we come from different areas. And so you have to acknowledge that and allow for that platform so that we can have those conversations.”

Kim Huddleston, Experience & Diversity Consultant: “A lot of the work that they do comes through the way of education. It also comes in the way of events.”

Sherricka Day, Consumer Response & Resolution Coordinator: “When school rolls around we're doing bookbag drives and school supply drives. We’re on the front lines. When there's a disaster or different things that happen, Aflac is a part of that with giving food and goods. Aflac is really known for its philanthropy, and I'm proud to be a part of that.”

Teresa White, President of Aflac U.S.: “It's very important that we keep a pulse on what's going on outside of this company.”

Brenda Mullins, Vice President of Human Resources; Chief People Officer: “When you have things that happen, like the injustices that happened this year, it’s difficult sometimes to stay ahead of those things. But when you have a company, they hear it and get it. They’re on board immediately. We're able to make a difference.”

Teresa White, President of Aflac U.S.: “We're trying to look at fair representation across the board.”

Brenda Mullins, Vice President of Human Resources; Chief People Officer: “We have our DC team who's sitting at the table with us trying to figure out, ‘Who do we need to have conversation with to talk about these policies and practices that we need to address?’ ”

Brad Knox, Senior Vice President of Federal Relations: “My job here is to really represent Aflac's interests in Washington – that’s from the White House to the Capitol buildings. We’re responsible to make sure that we can see ahead and protect those policyholders, our employees, our shareholders, all those things that matter to the company.”

Teresa White, President of Aflac U.S.: “We have various Senators from different areas come in and talk about how they see social justice, and what they're doing from a government perspective on diversity. I'm not asking people to vote any way, one way or the other. I'm just asking people to be informed and giving people a platform to be able to ask the questions they have.”

Kim Huddleston, Experience & Diversity Consultant: “We had such a strong foundation that when turbulent times hit, that we pivot. And we do it as a team and as a company and we make it work.”

James Mailman, Field Liaison Manager: “They work so hard to take care of not just the policyholders and people who work here and the field force, but then they give millions of dollars to the Cancer Center. Cancer runs rampant in my family. I appreciate that more than I can tell you.”

Kim Huddleston, Experience & Diversity Consultant: “It's a beautiful thing that you just don't find with many companies, and it's one of the beauties of Aflac is their commitment to diversity.

James Mailman, Field Liaison Manager: “Aflac cares about everybody. Aflac cares. That's the bottom line.”

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