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Don't Foil It: How Aluminum Can Help You Have a More Sustainable Summer

Published 06-25-21

Submitted by Republic Services


Person recycling a can

Now that it’s officially summer, you may notice that your kitchen is beginning to include a lot of aluminum

When things heat up, refreshing, ice-cold beverages are in order. The great news is that aluminum beer, soda, and sparkling water cans are easily recycled, so you can get your hands on more of your favorite beverages in a sustainable fashion. And, now there are even aluminum cups that you can use as a sustainable alternative to the single-use plastic versions. Not only will these keep your drink cool, but they are infinitely recyclable too!

Using aluminum products is great for the environment, as aluminum is one item that can be recycled an infinite number of times. Plus, recycling aluminum helps conserve energy and resources!

Remember, drink cans aren’t the only things that should be recycled. Other summer essentials packaged in metal, like canned pineapple and corn, should also be recycled. Just remember to empty, clean, and dry those cans before placing them in your bin! 

Using aluminum products is great for the environment because they can be recycled an infinite number of times. Plus, recycling aluminum helps conserve energy and resources! According to, making a can from recycled aluminum saves more than 90% of the energy required to make a new can.

And, right now, it’s even more important to recycle your aluminum as some industries and areas are experiencing an aluminum shortage

Recycling aluminum is quick, easy, and extremely beneficial for our planet and our economy. Have a more sustainable summer by learning how to recycle aluminum properly!

  • Beverage and food cans are good to recycle. Before you drop them in the recycling container, however, take a moment to remove any paper or plastic labeling, and clean the contents of any food waste. 
  • Make sure every piece of metal is larger than a credit card before placing it in your bin. A few aluminum and metal items you cannot recycle include paper clips and staples. 
  • Aluminum foil is a great material to use when cooking or grilling, but please don’t recycle any aluminum foil that has been soiled with food. 
  • Make sure to leave pop tabs intact or remove them from the can and throw them out! The tabs are too small to be recycled on their own.
  • Some metal items require special handling in order to be properly recycled, including bikes, gates and fences, and sheet metal. Contact your recycling company for the best course of action and see the below infographic for more examples of items that require special care. 

Republic Services makes recycling a breeze! To learn more about recycling aluminum, visit

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