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Safety Month: Continuing Our Safety Culture Year-Round

Wrapping up our annual Safety Month campaign, we are grateful for your commitment to be Safe Every Day

Published 06-25-21

Submitted by Tetra Tech

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As we wrap up our annual Safety Month campaign, we are grateful for your commitment to be Safe Every Day.

Each June, our employees show how they are committed to being Safe Every Day, making each Safety Month campaign more successful than the last. This year was unique as we continue to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and begin to move to post-pandemic lifestyles. As we reflect on Safety Month, let’s look for ways to stay present, focused, and safe as we incorporate what we learned in our daily work and lives.

Tetra Tech works on more than 65,000 projects annually around the globe, and each has its own unique safety challenges. This Safety Month our Health & Safety (H&S) team reinforced the importance of our FOCUS 4 Injury Prevention Program, which helps protect our staff from common injuries in the field, in the office, and at home.

One of the many challenges of the pandemic was finding tools and technology that enabled our global teams to stay safe wherever they worked. We overcame this challenge by training our staff to use our TOTAL mobile app, our new Compliance Training System, and our international safety and security tools. These technology resources will continue to enhance our H&S program, ensuring our staff are operating safely and efficiently around the world while receiving timely feedback from our H&S professionals.

Another challenge many of us faced was mitigating the impacts of the pandemic on our physical and mental health. Tetra Tech’s H&S team provided our staff with up-to-date resources to help us all practice good hygiene, maintain our physical and mental health, as well as find valuable information on COVID-19 vaccines. This included working across our departments to offer our employees a robust COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page, that highlighted safe work practices along with remote work resources and guidance on creating a successful work from home environment.

Tetra Tech believes in maintaining our standard of H&S practices wherever we live or work, ensuring we can be safe every day and everywhere. Integrating these practices into our daily lives is crucial to our employees' well-being and our success as a company. We strive to ensure our staff has the training and resources needed to perform their work safely. In addition to keeping our teams safe in their work-from-home offices and in the field, we want our employees to feel safe bringing their whole selves to work. We recognize some members of our workforce may be more vulnerable based on their identity or perceived characteristics. Our H&S teams works closely with our Diversity & Inclusion Council to ensure all employees are supported and protected.

Our 2021 Safe Every Day campaign encouraged our employees to participate in our Safe Every Day Challenge to show how they are committed to keeping themselves and our colleagues, clients, and communities safe. You can find employee safety photos on our social media profiles—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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