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Alliance for Community Trees Groups are United in an Effort to Plant Trees for a Better Tomorrow

This Nationwide Network of Local Nonprofit Tree Planting Organizations is United in an Effort to Plant Trees for a Better Tomorrow

Published 12-31-20

Submitted by Arbor Day Foundation

Local impact happens when community-based tree planting organizations create projects that involve citizens, schools, churches, and government. This is the work of the 160 members of the Alliance for Community Trees program. These passionate nonprofit organizations are the boots on the ground — a grass-roots network united in their purpose of improving communities and towns across the country with trees.

Never has the dedication of these organizations been more apparent than this past spring, as the world was gripped by pandemic. One such group is Green Columbus in Columbus, Ohio. In a community ranked first in rising urban heat island effect, Green Columbus has been hard at work to plant trees and curb the issue. Earth Day Columbus—known as the largest Earth Day volunteer event in the U.S. — needed to continue in 2020. The health of community residents depended on it.

With the support of the Arbor Day Foundation and its corporate partners, the event was still possible. “For this project we relied on professionals and individual experienced volunteer tree planters to plant a total of 31,000 trees,” said Claus Eckert with Green Columbus. “It was a record year for tree plantings despite a global pandemic and a statewide shutdown, and the community accomplished it following health and safety guidelines. A huge thank you to Verizon and the Arbor Day Foundation for believing in us and supporting us in this project so that we could make this happen.”

With more than 90% of Americans living and working in towns and metropolitan areas, the need for informed action on a local level is greater than ever. The Alliance for Community Trees network is an integral part of making that happen. These committed organizations help deliver our shared mission in the communities they serve.

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