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Virus Vocabulary

CRB glossary of key COVID-19 terms aims to raise understanding of the global vaccine response

Published 05-05-20

Submitted by CRB

Drawing on decades of experience in designing and engineering the production of vaccines and pharmaceutical therapies, CRB is actively supporting the global fight against COVID-19. This effort – uniting technology, government and health care in unprecedented ways – has required not only disruptive changes in our daily lives, but also a deeper understanding of the complex science and other factors that will determine how fast we can end this threat.

As part of CRB’s mission to educate and inform, the company has just published a “virus vocabulary” -- a glossary of key terms to help everyone better understand and navigate the COVID-19 pharmaceutical response. CRB clients, scientists and engineers inside the pharmaceutical industry use these terms every day. But the more we all understand about the science and infrastructure behind the world’s COVID-19 response, the better we’ll be.

The glossary supplements a recent CRB Insights piece, “COVID-19 drug development strategies,” exploring the near-term prospects for therapies and vaccines to fight against COVID-19. The piece presents opportunities and challenges the industry will face in the sourcing, development and manufacturing of immunoglobulin, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines. CRB’s “vaccine vocabulary” clarifies key terms to make complex COVID-19 therapy and vaccine discussions more approachable. The glossary breaks down key vaccine terms into the four main categories found in the lifecycle of vaccine development.

About CRB:

CRB is a leading provider of sustainable engineering, architecture, construction and consulting solutions to the global life sciences and advanced technology industries. Our more than 1,100 employees provide best-in-class solutions that drive success and positive change for our clients, our people and our communities. CRB is a privately held company with a rich history of serving clients throughout the world, consistently striving for the highest standard of technical knowledge, creativity and execution.

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