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Webinar: Companies Deliver Pro Bono Service Virtually

PYXERA Global Share Best Practices, this Thursday, 11 EDT

Webinar: Companies Deliver Pro Bono Service Virtually

PYXERA Global Share Best Practices, this Thursday, 11 EDT

Published 04-29-20

Submitted by PYXERA Global

For more than a decade, leading companies have shared their professional skills and capabilities by placing employees in short term pro bono assignments in underserved communities, to build capability and capacity while developing their own perspectives and strong global leaders. Now they have an opportunity to do it virtually.

Johnson & Johnson is an example. The company’s approach has included sending employees into underserved communities, directly and virtually. On Thursday, April 30, 11 am EDT, Yezenia Ramos, Senior Manager of Employee Engagement & Global Community Impact for Johnson & Johnson will join Gavin Cepelak, Vice President of Global Pro Bono at PYXERA Global for a webinar: “How to Sustain Your Social Impact Initiatives through Virtual Pro Bono.” The webinar is free but requires registration.

JOIN THE WEBINAR: Register here.

The conversation will cover how companies like Johnson & Johnson are approaching employee engagement in the new reality of quarantine and ‘social distancing’ as well as how to transition in-person programs to virtual programs. As importantly, the discussion will also include insights on the impact of the COVID-19 on non-profits, many of whom are on the ‘front lines’ of dealing with the crisis, and the support they need. In addition, bold solutions are required to address the limitations of the public health systems around the world, and skilled business and organization professionals—as well as healthcare professionals—are needed to address those challenges.

“Thirty years ago, the Citizen Democracy Corps—now known as PYXERA Global—sent the first business professionals into the field to build capacity in businesses and organizations in underserved communities,” said Cepelak. “Today, we also send those experts through cyberspace from leading companies, who are committed even—especially—in the face of a global pandemic. Employee engagement and talent development goals can be achieved through virtual models that can engage many employees-and provide real and lasting benefits to the host non-profit organizations they serve.”

PYXERA Global has 30 years of experience in designing impactful pro bono engagements, and nearly a decade in designing customized programs with virtual components. Their current suite of services for companies of all sizes include entirely virtual programs, hybrid program (which combine virtual service now with in-person service later), impact challenges, and virtual clinics.  For more information see

Register here to join How to Sustain Your Social Impact Initiatives through Virtual Pro Bono” this Thursday at 11 EDT.

About PYXERA Global
For 30 years, PYXERA Global has facilitated mutually beneficial partnerships between the public, private, and social sectors worldwide to drive social impact that enriches  lives and livelihoods, inclusively and sustainably.

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