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Caring for Our Communities During COVID-19 Outbreak

Caring for Our Communities During COVID-19 Outbreak

Published 04-22-20

Submitted by onsemi

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by Jackie Terry 

The outbreak of COVID-19 is a global concern, with effects filtering down to organizations close to you and me that are in critical need of assistance. Lives are disrupted, more people than ever are calling out for help, and responders are hard-pressed to meet the overwhelming demand.

While governments, NGOs and healthcare agencies respond to the national and international crisis, we also need to think about the local organizations in the communities where we live and work that are affected by this unprecedented situation. Many depend on a steady stream of volunteers, cash and outside support that’s been suddenly interrupted.

Now is the time for us to step up and help. As good people and good neighbors, we can help the community-based organizations that are both helping on the front lines and reeling from the breakdown of funding and infrastructure. Curious to know what you can do to step up and give back to your community?

See below for a few ideas you could start doing today – even from your living room!

Consider making a personal donation locally - we’ve provided examples to give you some ideas but please note to follow all safety precautions currently in place via local laws:

  • Hospital foundations that provide essential care and are experiencing stretched resources

  • Seniors foundations that help the single most adversely affected group of people in this crisis

  • Local Red Cross working on the front lines to treat the disease and limit its spread

  • Food banks that meet critical shortages and assist the needy, especially during downturns

  • Food delivery services like Meals on Wheels that get food to people when they can’t get it themselves

  • Local Chamber of Commerce that supports the businesses in your area which have been closed or reduced

  • Shelters that rely on food, volunteers and supplies to meet the ever-growing demand of homeless and displaced people

  • Schools that are trying to keep young people engaged at all times via virtual learning

  • Arts & cultural organizations that rely on attendance, funding and local support to be the cultural guideposts in their areas

By giving to these organizations, you’ll help show what it means to be a good neighbor during the time of greatest need.

Volunteer Remotely When It’s Needed Most

When life-altering events like the COVID-19 pandemic strike, you can still donate your time and talents by volunteering remotely. We’re encouraging you to try “virtual volunteering” from a remote location (like your desk or your couch) because it’s a great alternative during this time of need. There are plenty of volunteering activities that lend themselves well to a virtual context, like translation, transcription or mentorship. Even skills-based activities from, bookkeeping to Web design and social media consultation, can be performed online.

There are plenty of great causes that are creating interesting, engaging virtual opportunities that you can take part in. Here’s a shortlist of suggestions. Check out the websites to find out how you can volunteer virtually!

Help make knowledge accessible and transcribe for:

Share your experience and become a mentor with:

Speak a second language? Try translating for:

Other miscellaneous virtual volunteering options:

Contribute to Small Acts of Goodness!

In these challenging times, small acts of goodness are more important than ever. We encourage you to do what you can to help your neighbors through this difficult situation while also staying safe! There are plenty of ways to support people in your community with whatever time you may have.

Here are some ideas:

  • Buy groceries for people who are self-quarantined especially if you’re headed there to shop for yourself

  • Share your food supplies with a friend who cannot as easily get to the grocery store

  • Walk your neighbor’s dog or foster a pet with a local rescue

  • Drive someone to a medical appointment

  • Reach out to people in self-isolation via phone, email, video chat, etc.

  • Send a digital message to hospitalized patients and healthcare workers via Notes for Support

As you can see there are so many opportunities that need our support during this unprecedented situation. Please think about your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and community, and give generously with your time, talent or money when possible… and when it matters most!

Read more about how ON Semiconductor’s social responsibility efforts are making a positive community impact.

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