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Extended! Renewable Energy Markets™ 2020 Call for Abstracts Open Through April 15

Apply to speak, moderate a panel, or lead a table at REMâ„¢ 2020. The Call for Abstracts will not be extended again!

Extended! Renewable Energy Markets™ 2020 Call for Abstracts Open Through April 15

Apply to speak, moderate a panel, or lead a table at REMâ„¢ 2020. The Call for Abstracts will not be extended again!

Published 03-27-20

Submitted by Center for Resource Solutions

The REM™ 2020 Call for Abstracts has been extended two weeks—don't miss this unique opportunity to present at the most important event of the year for leaders in clean energy markets. We're seeking abstracts for presentations, panels, and table topics that are timely, engaging, and informative. Presentations and session proposals should focus on being as discussion-oriented as possible. We'd like sessions to feature new data or ideas, consideration of important issues, and most importantly, fresh and informed thinking about where renewable energy markets are headed. We're looking for dynamic, engaging speakers with a compelling story to tell.

This year we're also looking for Table Topics—brief, informal conversations with a single moderator per topic per table. Table Topics are a great way to share your experience and expertise with other attendees.

Application period open through Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 at 5PM PT. Learn more at

Topic Areas:
Corporate and Institutional Procurement

How corporate and institutional renewable energy purchasers are participating in the market.

  • Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement

  • Achieving Impact and Making Claims

  • Aggregation and Syndicates

  • City and State Government Procurement

  • Options for Onsite Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energy in the Supply Chain

  • Energy Accounting Challenges in Scope 1-3

  • Corporate Engagement in Market Development

  • Power Purchase Agreements

  • Financial Models in Energy Procurement

  • Solar Opportunities for Corporate and Institutional customers

  • Risk, Co-benefits, and Certification

  • ESG: Corporate Climate Risk and Investors

  • Pathways to 24/7 Renewable Energy Procurement

Renewable Energy Policy

How policy changes at state, federal and local levels will influence the direction and growth of renewable energy markets and investments; any legal issues impacting markets; changes to guidance and voluntary standards that could impact market activity.

State 100% carbon-free power mandates

  • Recent RPS changes and projections, including clean peak standards

  • Community solar policies and programs

  • Changes in wholesale markets (e.g. FERC PJM MOPR)

  • Interactions between carbon and renewable energy markets

  • Impact of state carbon/RE policies on wholesale power markets

  • Power Source Disclosure and supplier emissions factors

  • Clean transportation policy, electric vehicles, and green power

  • Other key state, federal, local, or regional policy trends or updates (e.g. CCA-enabling policy, power market rules, sector-specific policies, siting policies, etc.)

Community and Residential Programs

Issues faced by providers of renewable energy. Sessions will address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each of these provider categories: utility programs & products, community choice aggregation, competitive electricity and REC suppliers, and developer-led community renewables.

  • Strategies for Increasing Green Power Customer Acquisition & Retention: Call Centers, Social Media & More

  • Marketing Renewable Energy & REC programs

  • Community Solar (utility- and developer-led)

  • Community Choice Aggregation

  • Residential Programs

  • Competitive Electricity Suppliers

  • Innovative Utility Products and Programs

  • Utility Green Pricing Programs

International Renewable Energy and Corporate Action

Green power procurement outside of North America.

  • International Renewable Energy Markets and Market Development

  • International Corporate Renewable Energy Purchasing Goals and Strategies

  • Emerging Latin American Market Opportunities

  • Emerging Asian Market Opportunities

  • International Carbon and Energy Policy Market Impacts

  • Renewable Energy Supply Chain Targets

  • Asia: Corporate Purchasing Opportunities and Market Developments

  • Linking Local Communities to Corporate Procurement Goals

  • International Market Boundaries

  • Social Impact from RE Commitments

  • Policy Barriers, Claims & Co-Benefits

Market Growth and Trends

Trends in regional and technology-specific renewable energy markets. Hot topics and emerging markets. New platforms and practices, exchanges, auctions, brokerages, and tracking systems.

  • Renewable Fuels (biomethane, hydrogen, etc.)

  • Blockchain in the Energy Sector

  • Renewable Resources and Grid Resiliency

  • Renewables and Transportation Electrification

  • The Intersection of Storage and Renewable Technologies and Markets

  • Spotlight on Upper Midwest Power Markets

  • The Intersection of Storage and Renewable Technologies and Markets

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Microgrids & Peer-to-Peer Transactions

  • Regional Voluntary and Compliance Markets

  • Renewable Energy Tracking Systems

  • SDGs

  • Solar Market Trends

  • Trader and Broker Data and Outlooks

  • Emerging Energy Efficiency Markets


Other Hot Topics

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