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Navigate the Changing Landscape of Workplace Giving: Insights on Engaging a Dynamic and Diverse Workforce

Navigate the Changing Landscape of Workplace Giving: Insights on Engaging a Dynamic and Diverse Workforce

Published 03-23-20

Submitted by CyberGrants

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Workplace giving has evolved significantly over the past few years, becoming an expectation among employees across all industries. Nearly 6 in 10 employees stated it was imperative, or very important, to have a workplace culture that is supportive of giving and volunteering. Companies invested in corporate social responsibility programs, including but not limited to workplace giving, experience greater employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Schneider Electric Foundation is working to expand their culture of employee powered corporate giving programs. To drive awareness and increase employee engagement from day one, they have implemented a New Hire program. New employees are given $25 to donate to the charity of their choosing and have 20 paid volunteer hours to spend working with organizations they care about. 

Workplace giving is a corporate culture model designed to spur employees to volunteer or make donations to charities. In a traditional sense, workplace giving occurs when employees make financial donations for charitable purposes with implicit employer endorsement. The employer, then, will match the money and the time workers devolve to nonprofits, with either monetary support or other kinds of contributions, such as product donation. 

Navigating the changing landscape of workplace giving is a moving target that many of you have been tasked with hitting. In 2020, ensuring that you are enabling processes and protocols to offer a dynamic and diverse workforce opportunities to become engaged is more important than ever. This means offering engagement opportunities that are accessible, meaningful and specific to employee donors and their individual cause preferences.

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