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EarthShare Announces New Grant Opportunity to Fund Clean and Equitable Energy Initiatives in Maryland and Pennsylvania

The Energy of One…The Power of Many will support initiatives that create innovative approaches to community education and outreach on the topic of energy in our daily lives

Published 03-18-20

Submitted by EarthShare

EarthShare is supporting the transition to clean and equitable energy through a new grants program that will establish community-level initiatives in Maryland and Pennsylvania focused on renewable and equitable energy. The tiered program will provide up to $50,000 for innovative proposals to promote public understanding around the complex and evolving role of energy in our daily lives. 

At a time when concern about climate change and awareness of energy transition have crested in the public consciousness, the grant program will foster public conversation and initiatives that actively demonstrate the importance and value of energy choice, energy equity, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.  

“As part of EarthShare’s mission to fuel the work of the nonprofit environmental community, this grant program will help organizations connect the communities they serve with tangible new ways to both understand and be a part of the transition to clean and renewable energy,” said Brad Leibov, CEO, EarthShare. 

While preference will be given to EarthShare’s nonprofit members, the program and grants are open to any eligible 501(c)(3) and encourages collaborative partnerships with entities outside the environmental arena. The opportunity is available to organizations with new approaches to offering education and resources that empower people with understanding options in energy choice, particularly in low-income communities, as well as the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources. Projects that address equity, just transition, and job training in the clean energy and energy efficiency arenas are encouraged. Initiatives must benefit one or more specific metropolitan markets in Pennsylvania or Maryland. 

“This grant program will help identify new ways to clarify how our energy choices can improve the health of our communities along with the health of our air, land, water and wildlife,” said Mary MacDonald, SVP National Business Development, EarthShare. “We’re pleased to have the collaborative support of our partner, NRG, which recognizes the necessary progression away from a fossil fuel-based economy and the opportunity it presents to form a more sustainable energy economy.” 

EarthShare, America’s largest coalition of environmental and conservation nonprofits, believes achieving a flourishing, sustainable future is only possible through collaborative partnership with invested and motivated businesses, organizations, and individuals. EarthShare uses its unique position at the intersection of business and the environmental nonprofit community to build productive connections for a distinct social purpose: engaging more people and resources in the care of our environment. 

Grant Overview 

Grant applications are due by May 1 and determinations will be announced in late May or early June 2020. Tiered funding between $1,000–$50,000 will be awarded at the national, local and regional, and micro-project levels. The granting period will be for six month programs, with a potential opportunity for renewal grants. An independent grant selection committee will review and make decisions on the grant awardees. 

For more information about the funding and how to apply, visit or contact EarthShare at

About EarthShare:  

For more than 30 years, EarthShare has worked across industries and issues to protect the health of our planet by engaging workplaces and people as active participants in that mission. With the power of a nationwide environmental network behind us, we help people and business create transformational impact to care for the home we all share. 

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For almost 30 years, EarthShare has given businesses and employees across America effective ways to care for our natural resources and contribute to a sustainable future. Today EarthShare works with the corporate sector to create dynamic and relevant engagement and philanthropic experiences for employee participants, businesses, and the communities where they live and work.

Our mission: To accelerate the pace of positive environmental change through the collaborative power of motivated businesses, individuals, and America’s vital network of environmental and conservation organizations.

EarthShare at Work includes:

  • Program options for tailored or turnkey engagement
  • Topical content and educational tools and resources
  • Employee philanthropy and focused Issue Funds
  • Nationwide and community-based volunteerism and events
  • International, national and state-based participating nonprofits

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