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ON Semiconductor Makes Its Debut at GreenBiz 20

Written By: Candaice Robetoy, ON Semiconductor CSR Intern

Published 03-05-20

Submitted by onsemi

Above: Lana Hall, CSR Program Manager and Candaice Robetoy, CSR Spring Intern, representing ON Semiconductor at GreenBiz 20.

The GreenBiz Conference, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, claims to be “the premier annual event for sustainable business leaders” and in my opinion, they definitely deliver. It offers 1,500+ attendees three days of engaging break-out sessions, inspiring speakers and a multitude of valuable networking opportunities all the while diverting 100% of materials generated at the conference from landfill! It’s truly remarkable.   

I’ve been attending this conference for the last three years as a student volunteer team lead and it’s been an incredible experience every time. Not only have I had the opportunity to observe the behind-the-scenes chaos and learn how they successfully execute this intricate zero-waste event, but I’ve also met some of the most extraordinary people on staff at GreenBiz Group. I’ve lunched with sustainability pioneers from innovative companies like General Motors, sipped cocktails with representatives working with the Sustainable Development Goals and rubbed shoulders with CEOs leading Fortune 100 and 500 companies. 

GreenBiz is three days of non-stop inspiration, collaborative problem-solving and uninhabited sharing of ideas. From an idealistic student’s point of view, it’s awestruck motivation to get out and change the world. Every year my passion for this industry is reignited and I leave feeling hopeful, focused and encouraged that businesses across the globe are truly committed to environmental health, social justice and corporate responsibility. GreenBiz does for my tree-hugging soul what a beach vacation does for the tired and overworked.

While every year has been outstanding, the 2020 conference was powerfully special. It was the most transformative experience I have had at the conference thus far. Perhaps it was the knowledge that this was my last year to volunteer as graduation draws near. Or, maybe it was because I brought along an industry newbie to volunteer for his first GreenBiz conference and I felt like I was passing the proverbial torch. But the biggest difference with this year’s conference was that for the first time, I was attending not only as a student but as a Corporate Social Responsibility intern with ON Semiconductor.  

I am actively engaged in this dream opportunity that allows me to apply my passion for sustainability and corporate responsibility on a daily basis. It hit me within the first few hours that like this conference, I’ve grown and evolved significantly over the past few years. This year I had tangible experience and knowledge to tie to the event. My session choices were more intentional, I was more engaged with the panels and every conversation I participated in had a bit more confidence and applied knowledge behind it.

The most rewarding aspect of GreenBiz 20 was that I was able to experience the event with my fellow sustainability (and rescue dog) obsessed manager, Lana Hall. Attending with an enthusiastic colleague provided a more fulfilling experience than prior years, while also giving me the chance to get to know our company a bit better.  

ON Semiconductor is doing amazing things in this space but experiencing GreenBiz through the lens of a CSR team member opened my eyes to the immense potential we have to do good in the world. We employ roughly 35,000 people in North America, Europe and Asia, providing us enormous global reach and our company is eager to increase our positive impact. 

We are both excited to share our newly acquired knowledge and motivated to put bold ideas into practice with the rest of the ON Semiconductor team. Who knows, maybe we’ll see one of our own on that GreenBiz stage in the coming years!

Learn more about ON Semiconductor’s sustainable practices in our 2018 CSR Report

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