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The Reality: Some May Be Missing Our CSR Messages

Secure your spot at Kindred 2020 – the event for sustainable, purpose-led business transformation - before ticket prices increase this Saturday, March 7. 

Published 03-02-20

Submitted by Kindred

CSR is the new buzzword in business and yes, we’re all on board. But the landscape is rapidly evolving — are your efforts keeping up? And when we dig a little deeper, the real questions become apparent: Is your CSR strategy evolving as quickly as it needs to be? Can your company remain competitive amidst younger audiences?

As CSR champions who are already pioneering the purpose journey in our individual companies, it’s important to make certain that our strategy resonates.

The reality is: Some may be missing the message.

According to a Cone Communications study, younger Gen Zers are less likely to pay attention to a company’s CSR efforts when shopping (58% vs. 65% general average). But that doesn’t mean they don’t care — your message may not resonate. Our CSR initiatives must be loud, clear, and most importantly effective when consumed. As the buying power of younger generations is on the rise, we must appeal to their values in order to win their attention.

Knowing that sustainability and purpose are the new disruptive forces to younger generations, do you know how to effectively harness them?

At Kindred 2020 — the event for sustainable, purpose-led business transformation — you'll be in a unique environment with the top brand, nonprofit, and cultural leaders who will share how their cross-functional teams and resources are making the biggest impact.

Profit and purpose can not only co-exist, but we need one another to multiply our force for good. Secure your spot at Kindred 2020 before ticket prices increase this Saturday, March 7.

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Natasha Mulla 

Kindred 2020 Session Previews:

  • The Promise of an Inclusive Economy

    • Conscious businesses cannot reach their potential in an inequitable society. And while consumer interest in values-driven businesses is on the upswing, the data shows that more and more of those consumers are being left behind by the American economy. Attend for expert perspectives on: Identifying opportunities for more inclusive business practices, breaking down the short-term and long-term value and costs of implementing new practices, and bringing social justice into the decision-making process.

      • Jasmine Crowe, Founder & CEO, Goodr

      • Anthea Kelsick, CMO, B Lab

  • Winning Battles Against Disinformation and Misinformation

    • Both brands and nonprofits are entering the ring with a growing information disorder. Misinformation is being skillfully deployed to influence politics and policy and recruit to extremist causes.This session led by innovators in the space will share how they’ve designed tools based on age-old and new-age strategies to educate consumers, connect with and develop a passionate community, and counter misinformation and disinformation.

      • Christy Provines, Founder & President, The 'MPOWER Project

      • Ambreen Molitor, Senior Director, Digital Product Lab, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

  • Build a Better Business with Corporate Civic Engagement

    • The 2020 election is quickly approaching and companies and brands have a unique position to not only help drive voter participation but also to encourage civic engagement with employees. In this workshop, learn methods to drive nonpartisan employee voter engagement and understand how to optimize the impact of both new and existing programs. Leave with the tools to engage your workforce while building goodwill and supporting democracy—the foundation for systemic change across all cause areas.

      • Sofia Gross, Public Policy Manager, Snap

      • Ashley Spillane, Founder & President, Impactual


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