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ON Semiconductor Helps Inspire Future Scientists Through Decade-Long Giving Partnership with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

by Candaice Robetoy, CSR Intern

Published 02-26-20

Submitted by onsemi

Images courtesy of Lab Venture and Gulf of Maine Research Institute

ON Semiconductor is passionate about the communities in which we do business. Through our giving program, we continuously look for ways to be better neighbors and stewards of the planet. As fervent supporters of STEM/STEAM based education and its immense impact on children's interests and motivation to pursue education and careers in these fields, ON Semiconductor was thrilled to collaborate with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) to help fund the LabVenture Experience.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute fosters collaboration and innovation through their dedication to the resilience of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and the communities reliant on it. They provide objective, scientific advice to help fisherman and resource managers make informed decisions. 

The LabVenture Experience team transports 5th & 6th grade students from across the state of Maine to the research facility, and allows them to take on the role of scientists by conducting hands-on research in GMRI’s state of the art learning laboratory, the Cohen Center for Interactive Learning. Students are able to measure live lobsters, examine plankton under a microscope and analyze data displayed on a cutting-edge digital technology platform. By examining the changing lives of lobsters and black sea bass, students build an understanding of the rapidly warming waters and strengthen skills in science, data analysis, collaboration and critical thinking.  

“It was a great learning experience, and my peers and I had a great time. It is incredible to be able to learn about how climate change affects our home. The NASA satellite images of Earth’s temperature changing from space, the models of the Gulf of Maine’s changing temperature and the changing range of lobster habitats helped me really understand what global warming is doing to our planet. The experience was fun and eye-opening,” said 6th Grade Attendee, Adriana.

Each year, GMRI is able to bring over 70% of their target age group, approximately 10,000 5th & 6th graders, to the facility and provides the comprehensive half-day field trip, including transportation, free of charge, no matter where they are located within the state. To date, they have hosted over 135,000 children.  

The LabVenture Program has relied solely on corporate and community funding since its inception in 2005. ON Semiconductor has been a supporter of the program since 2009 and awarded LabVenture a grant as part of its Giving Program in Q2 2019. The funding specifically allowed GMRI to renovate the lab space and revamp the entire program and experience with new, refreshed content.

“Although we have participated in the program before, it was exciting to see the changes that were made to the program since last year. While it has always been a quality program, we can tell you from a teacher’s perspective that the changes made to the program allowed for more engagement and greater participation across the board. For students to view an issue from a scientist’s perspective and think critically about some of the issues that are impacting the Earth is invaluable. We truly believe that programs like GMRI are investing in the future and creating future scientists,” said Frannie Rogers and Jenn Saucier, 6th Grade Teacher Team.  

The LabVenture program supports both students and teachers before they visit the facility and long after they leave the lab with pre- & post-curriculum. GMRI also offers professional educational opportunities to embolden teachers to become superior educators.

To learn more about the innovative research being performed at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and their Lab Venture Experience, visit their Web site:

Read more about how ON Semiconductor is making a positive community impact through its grant program.

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