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SCS Global Services Launches Sustainability Pilot for Leading Growers and Retailers of Lab Grown Diamonds

First-Ever Audits as Part of Certification Standard Development Process

SCS Global Services Launches Sustainability Pilot for Leading Growers and Retailers of Lab Grown Diamonds

First-Ever Audits as Part of Certification Standard Development Process

Published 10-04-19

Submitted by SCS Global Services

SCS Global Services (SCS) announces the launch of a groundbreaking pilot to audit and analyze lab grown diamonds against a stringent set of sustainability criteria. The pilot audits follow the decision announced earlier this year by the Lab Grown Diamond Council to retain SCS, an internationally recognized third-party certifier and standards developer, to create the world’s first independent ‘product’ sustainability certification standard for diamonds.

The market for lab grown diamonds is growing rapidly, creating the need to not only prevent fraud, but independently substantiate and differentiate product sustainability claims. The sustainability performance criteria address key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, including a commitment to becoming climate neutral. These criteria will be reviewed through a multi-stakeholder process, informed by the results of the pilot assessments. A multi-stakeholder Standard Review Committee is being established to oversee the process, which will include academia, producers, retailers, nonprofit organizations, and other experts in the field.

“The pilot audits mark an important step in the process of certifying sustainability,” says Stanley Mathuram, SCS Vice President. “Through the audits, we will be able to ground-truth assumptions about laboratory operations involved in the creation of lab-grown diamonds, ensure that the standard’s criteria fully capture the potential range of issues, and better equip the Standard Review Committee to do its work.”

The certification will support the lab diamond growers’ business-to-business sustainability claims to distribution and retail customers. Recent consumer research, “The Need for Third Party Verification of Mined and Lab Grown Diamond Claims,” conducted by MVI Marketing, a leading market research and analysis firm for the worldwide gem and jewelry industries, found that more than 85% of jewelry purchasers view independent, third-party verification of the social and environmental impact of any diamond they consider purchasing as important.

Lab grown diamonds are physically identical to mined diamonds. They are currently produced under proprietary laboratory processes know as High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), both of which are extremely energy intensive. The sustainability standard, while addressing energy consumption, will also address a wide range of metrics.

Several companies have committed as early adopters to participate in the pilot, setting themselves apart as leaders in sustainability and transparency. “We applaud these companies for stepping up to participate in the pilot,” said Mr. Mathuram of SCS, noting that this will put them squarely on the path toward certification. Pilot participants and supporters include:

Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks, a vertically integrated high-tech grower and old-world diamond cutter:

“Third-party product sustainability certification will assure our customers that our diamonds are exactly what we say they are – sustainably and responsibly grown and cut. This certification is extremely important to our industry, and we intend to support it in any way we can.”

Nadja Swarovski, member of the Swarovski Executive Board, a respected international purveyor of gemstones and committed producer of lab created diamonds:

“Through independent certification, the lab grown diamond sector has an opportunity to demonstrate that it is delivering on its sustainability promises. We have committed to get our supply chain certified to confirm that responsible practices are in place.”

Anmol Bhansali, of Goldiam, a major CVD diamond grower based in India, and a foremost manufacturer of diamond-studded jewelry focused on export for major global retailers:

“We welcome this development. The certification will underscore the value-added proposition represented by lab grown diamonds, both for today’s evolving consumer and in our industry’s convoluted supply chain.”

Silviu Reinhorn, CEO of Lusix, an Israel-based producer of unique pyramid-shaped lab- grown rough diamonds with the highest yield in the industry:

“Product sustainability certification is just the right move for this emerging market. Certification will debunk certain misconceptions in the market and will give owners of lab grown diamonds one more validation point.”

Julie Yoakum, Chief Merchandising Officer, Helzberg Diamonds, a Berkshire Hathaway Company with over 200 stores nationwide, and the retail leader in lab grown diamonds:

“As the retail leader in lab grown diamonds, Helzberg embraces transparency and integrity throughout the entire process from source to customer. Supporting the effort of benchmarking the sustainability of lab-grown diamonds is a logical fit for us.”

Yarden Tsach, President and Chief Technology Officer, WD Lab Grown Diamonds, a market leader in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds:

“We fully embrace the opportunity to develop responsible and transparent standards. This is a critical step in what we know today’s consumer will demand of the category.”

About Us

SCS Global Services

SCS is a trusted leader in third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification, auditing, testing and standards development. It works worldwide to advance the goals of sustainable development and give innovators a competitive advantage. Its certification services and sustainability solutions span the natural resources, green building, energy, agricultural, and consumer products sectors, enabling policy makers, purchasers, company decision-makers and consumers to make informed decisions based on the highest level of environmental, ethical and quality accountability. SCS, which stands for Scientific Certification Systems, is a benefit corporation. For more information, visit our website at and follow us on Twitter at @SCScertified.

Green Rocks

Green Rocks was founded in Aventura, FL in 2016 as a one-of-a-kind partnership  between Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds, a globally recognized loose diamond distribution leader and  ICDAT, a renowned  Israeli based research and development center for advanced diamond  technologies. Together, we made our vision a reality - creating  of the most exquisite and exceptionally cut lab grown diamonds in the world. By joining forces recently with CORNES of Japan, globally known for developing and marketing the best diamond growing technology in the world , Green Rocks delivers to the market a true vertically integrated product in qualities, sizes and shapes that are rare and beautiful.

Contact: Leon Peres, CEO,


Swarovski sparks delight and delivers a diverse portfolio of unmatched quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. Founded in 1895 in Austria, the company designs, manufactures and sells the world’s highest quality crystal, genuine gemstones, Swarovski Created Diamonds and zirconia, finished products such as jewelry and accessories, as well as interior design and lighting solutions. The Swarovski Crystal Business is run by the fifth generation of family members and has a global reach with approximately 3,000 stores in around 170 countries, more than 29,000 employees, and revenue of about 2.7 billion euros in 2018.

Together with its sister companies Swarovski Optik (optical devices) and Tyrolit (abrasives), Swarovski Crystal Business forms the Swarovski Group. In 2018, the Group generated revenue of about 3.5 billion euros and employed more than 34,500 people.

A responsible relationship with people and the planet has always been an integral part of Swarovski’s heritage, and is embedded today in the company’s well-established sustainability agenda. In addition, the global Swarovski Waterschool education program has reached 500,000 children on the world’s greatest rivers. The Swarovski Foundation was set up in 2013 to honor the philanthropic spirit of Daniel Swarovski, and works to support culture and creativity, promote human empowerment and conserve natural resources to achieve positive social impact.

Contact: Nancy Leach, Director of Marketing, Atelier Swarovski,


The Goldiam Group was the first jewelry manufacturing facility to be operational in the SEEPZ production zone in Mumbai, India. Today, we have evolved into one of the largest diamond & bridal jewelry-manufacturing specialists, with RJC certified factories & offices in New York & Hong Kong. We are especially proud to be the only debt-free company in our industry, with shares traded on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. A recent & exciting part of the Group includes our CVD diamond growing operations, making us not only the only diamond growers in Mumbai, but also the only vertically integrated, end-to-end base manufacturer of LG diamonds & LG jewelry globally.

Contact: Anmol Bhansali, Principal, or Devang Jhaveri, CEO,


Lusix is part of the Landa Group, one of Israel’s leading high technology enterprises. With over 1,600 employees, Landa Group companies are transforming major industries with disruptive science-based innovations: from digital printing and hair color to solar energy and automotive coatings; from metallization graphics to drug delivery and now to diamonds. Lusix is the brainchild of Landa Labs, the research center of the Landa Group, where, for the past decade, its scientists and engineers have been working on a proprietary CVD process for growing the highest quality diamonds - with a remarkable pyramid shape. Unlike any other rough diamond in the world, Lusix’s patent-pending process actually grows the diamonds in this unique pyramid form. Lusix pyramid diamonds enable extraordinarily high yields – even up to 70% - making them by far the industry’s highest-yield rough diamonds. Lusix pyramid diamonds are all grown in Israel in the industry’s most scientifically advanced diamond factory. With all facilities under one roof, Lusix is fully vertically integrated: from research and development to engineering and production of its own custom-built reactors.

Contact: Daniel Kahn, Head of Business Development,, Phone: +972-50-868- 8757

Helzberg Diamonds

Helzberg Diamonds®, a retail and online jewelry store focused on customer service, was founded in 1915 and has more than 200 stores nationwide featuring a wide selection of fine jewelry, including diamond engagement rings and wedding rings, precious gems and watches. Helzberg Diamonds takes pride in its history of offering exceptional value, exclusive designs and timeless jewelry. Helzberg Diamonds is based in North Kansas City, Mo., and is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK/A and BRK/B). For the locations nearest you, call 1-800-HELZBERG (800-435-9237) or visit

Contact: Marti Greathouse, Director, Corporate Communications,, Phone: 816-627-1457

WD Lab Grown Diamonds

Based in the Washington D.C. area and founded in 2008, WD Lab Grown Diamonds is a market leader in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds, with its diamonds certified by the International Gemological Institute, among other labs. The Company also offers new technologies and applications for diamonds in industrial settings. WD Lab Grown Diamonds is the exclusive licensee of a portfolio of patents covering single crystal CVD diamond growth technology developed by The Carnegie Institution of Washington.  WD is jointly owned by Clive Hill, Yarden Tsach, Huron Capital, The Carnegie Institution of Washington and other members of WD management.

Contact: Brent Snavely, Director, Lambert & CO.,, 313-309-9516

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