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Mark Donohue Keynotes Family Office Association Conference With Keynotes by Tony Robbins and Dr. Peter Diamandis

Playing Big in an Era of Exponential Creativity

Mark Donohue Keynotes Family Office Association Conference With Keynotes by Tony Robbins and Dr. Peter Diamandis

Playing Big in an Era of Exponential Creativity

Published 10-01-19

Submitted by LifeGuides

Above: Mark Donohue - CEO and Founder of LifeGuides - 2019. Below: Click here for video.

LifeGuides CEO and Founder, Mark Donohue, was honored to provide a keynote address at the lead annual event of the Family Office Association. His presentation was titled: “Playing Big in an Era of Exponential Creativity - The LifeGuides Story.” 

Mr. Donohue stated: “It is such an honor to speak alongside two of my great mentors, Dr. Peter Diamandis, with whom I have been deeply studying for over five years, and Tony Robbins, who work I have been studying closely for 30 years”

Thematically, Mr. Donohue believes that we have entered a radically new era of exponential creativity, which has become democratized, so that children born today have the power once attributed to God via the smartphone attached to their hand. Access to capital, knowledge, co-creative talent, open source software and turn-key software, expert mentor networks and incubators, and an entrepreneurial mindset, is an open system. Individuals have capabilities only within the reach of a Fortune 500 company of 35 years ago.

Humans now also have a clear perspective on the whole system, which is radically new in this era of evolution. As we see the whole system, the greatest crisis have become the greatest opportunities for radical innovation and wealth generation. As importantly, we have a much greater ability to live more freely in our full purpose and express our full human potential. If we have the choice to create a more purposeful living, and “Do Well, while we are Doing Good,” then why would one choose another path?

As Barbara Marx Hubbard, Mark’s writing and creative partner for 26 years stated so eloquently: “What is the meaning of our power that is good?” Given our new individual and collective powers, this 50-year old question has acquired seminal meaning.

Mr. Donohue believes that a rebirth, of sorts, is emerging as we see ever larger enterprises reframing their reason for existence, such as the recent Business Roundtable announcement stating a new “Statement of Purpose of a Corporation,” and  their leading CEO’s committing to “lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, communities and stakeholders.”

Given Mr. Donohue’s sole career focus, for 30 years, on “Business as a Force for Good,” he feels that we have reason for hope, even as the crisis seem so prominent in the news. But, the underlying story is one of individuals rebuilding the fabric of our civilization and doing this for the betterment of all, as opposed to pure self-interest.

Mr. Donohue invites us all to “Play Big in an Era of Exponential Creativity” as we reinvent and improve society, and restore our planetary ecosystem. We are each pioneers and partners in re-building a more just and sustainable world, which accelerates personal freedoms, creativity and love.

Mr. Donohue’s personal path  “playing big” is LifeGuides, a public benefit corporation, where he is CEO & Founder.

LifeGuides Mission Statement is:

“Building a Platform for Caring People to do Extraordinary Good.

The Goal: “To Reduce Struggle and Suffering for 1B within 15 years.

Excerpts from Mr. Donohue’s keynote are attached as a video to this press release.

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A leading pioneer, Mark has specialized in "impact" enterprises, "conscious capitalism" and "triple bottom line" economics for 30 years, and is passionate about bringing regenerative, healing and sustainable models to much-greater scale.

In January of 2019, LifeGuides, PBC, where Mark is Founder/CEO, received the Grand Prize in the prestigious "Abundance Impact Challenge" from Dr. Peter Diamandis, Singularity University and the Abundance 360 leadership network.

In April 2019, Mark was appointed to Fast Company's Impact Council, which is "300 leaders that will redefine the future of enterprise."

In January of 2011, Mr. Donohue was honored as one of the "Top 100 American Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior," by the organization Trust Across America.

He was Entrepreneur-in-Residence for over five years, and subsequently Senior Fellow in Social Innovation for three years, at Babson College, which is consistently #1-rated in the world for Entrepreneurship education.

In the non-profit realm, he has served on Boards including: Babson College, the Social Venture Circle, The Temple of Understanding (USA's oldest interfaith education organization), and as Treasurer of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. 


LifeGuides helps companies with its network of trained and experienced Guides, to support employee families through an array of Life Challenges.
Life Challenges are Inevitable. LifeGuides pairs people, who are going through a specific Life Challenge, with a Guide who has successfully navigated the same Life Challenge. As Match pairs people for love, and Doctor On Demand finds doctors for patients, we match a Guide to each employee’s specific Life Challenge. Furthermore, our Well-Being Concierges™  and Intelligence Assistance™ software custom match resources for each participant. Services require no crisis, no diagnosis and no stigma. The LifeGuides Network™ is long term human support, combining active listening, empathy and shared Life Experiences in a most relatable and effective manner.

Outcomes for an enterprise can include:

* Reduced Presenteeism Loss

* Reduced Absenteeism

* Improved Focus, Well-Being & Creativity

* Achieving Better Retention & Recruitment

* Reduced Health Insurance Claims

* Enhancing your Culture of Caring


Family Office Association, founded by Angelo Robles, is a global membership community of successful families and single family offices. We are committed to creating value for each family/SFO that we serve; value that enhances wealth, strengthens legacy, and unites multiple generations by speaking to shared interests and passions. Family Office Association provides the resources to solve your most difficult challenges and help you achieve your collective goals: to invest intelligently, give strategically, and learn exponentially.

Family Office Association is the community leader in serving all the key imperatives for successful families, respecting your privacy but enabling an intimate community of global families like yours. Our organization delivers education, content and programming opportunities, proprietary research, and access to salient thought leadership that will interest all generations of your family.

In addition to the deepest and most unique content in the community, throughout the year, we host a variety of exclusive events for those qualified and accepted into our highest level of membership including seasonal summits, investment forums and family retreats, all with carefully selected speakers and presenters. In these intimate face-to-face settings you will be able to truly engage experts and get personal advice and opinions on the best way to capture opportunity.

Our content and programming led by top professionals and thought leaders across a variety of key economic, family business, philanthropic and social fields, are the best in the community. This rich and diverse content and programming offering insight with thought leadership, yields the optimal combination for enhancing and nurturing successful families.


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LifeGuides® offers a community of trained and certified Guides, who provide guidance in 400+ categories of Personal Growth, Lifelong Learning, or Life Challenges. We are an HR benefit offered by leading employers from all industries. By providing employees with experienced and empathetic support, across the broadest range of “everyday” life events, employees lead happier and more productive lives - both at home and at work. As one Member stated: “More casual than therapy, more qualified than a friend.” Our Guide Community lives within the intersection of mentoring, coaching, therapy, executive education, positive psychology and talking to a good friend. Each Guide brings a “Voice” grounded in: Loving-Kindness, Happiness Mindset, Humility, No Judgement, No Dogma, and a focus on nourishing the Whole Person. Our mission is to grow a community for sharing life experience and empathy - and to positively impact the lives of 1B people within 15 years. LifeGuides® is modernizing human support and connection, which is foundational to the human spirit and wellbeing. Learn more at

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