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IMPACT2030 Announces the 2019 Innovation Award Recipients

and the publication of its new report, "Innovation in Human Capital Investments for the SDGs"

IMPACT2030 Announces the 2019 Innovation Award Recipients

and the publication of its new report, "Innovation in Human Capital Investments for the SDGs"

Published 09-25-19

Submitted by IMPACT2030

Volunteering in action across the world

The mission of IMPACT2030 is founded on the belief that when companies join forces and harness the skills, expertise and creativity of their people as a force for good, they can change the world. Launched in 2018 and anchored by SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals, the IMPACT2030 Innovation Awards highlight best-in-class approaches to connecting the skills, passion, expertise of their people toward advancing the SDGs through innovative pro bono, skills-based and hands-on employee volunteer programs.

 “The recipients of the Innovation Awards stand out for their commitment to collaboration and matching the passion and expertise of their people to some of the world’s largest problems—driving collective action to advance the SDGs,” said Sue Stephenson, Interim CEO for IMPACT2030. “We are very proud to honor these companies for their extraordinary commitment to innovate and scale the impact being made by their employees on the SDGs at a local, regional and global level.”

The winners of the 2019 Innovation Awards have been announced and the recipients are:

  • Anglo American

  • AT&T

  • Emirates NBD

  • Hasbro

  • Linklaters


  • TATA Consultancy Services

  • UPS

These companies, from a broad cross-section of industries, are creating sustained impact through their pro-bono, skills-based and hands-on employee volunteering programs and developing purposeful partnerships to drive collective action. IMPACT2030 is showcasing Case Studies from each of the 2018 and 2019 award winners, 11 companies in total, in a new report, Innovation in Human Capital Investments for the SDGs, accessible here. It is hoped that their stories serve as a blueprint to other organizations, large and small, who seek to innovate their programs, mobilize their people, and scale their impact.

  • Anglo American (IMPACT2030 Collaborating Partner). Anglo American launched Ambassadors for Good—an employee-led, pro-bono volunteering initiative, that creates opportunities for employee teams to use their technical and professional skills to build community resilience and capability by strengthening nonprofit organizations. Read the Case Study here.

  • AT&T (IMPACT2030 Collaborating Partner):  The Piedra Papel Tijera (PPT) program aligns AT&T’s regional community engagement efforts across multiple countries, stakeholders and partners across Latin America. Since its inception, over 14,000 AT&T, DIRECTV and SKY volunteers have participated in Piedra Papel Tijera activities benefitting over 250 institutions. Read the Case Study here.

  • Emirates NBD (IMPACT2030 Collaborating Partner):  Emirates NBD is recognized as a pioneer across the UAE for promoting the importance of serving others through volunteer activities. The company’s Exchanger Programme engages thousands of employees, friends, family members and external business partners in meaningful volunteer activities. Read the Case Study here. 

  • Hasbro (IMPACT2030 Collaborating Partner): Hasbro’s FEARLESS FORCE program is empowering highly trained Hasbro employees to act as mentors and educators in collaboration with the program’s community partners to affect how young people develop and demonstrate empathy, compassion and courage to stand up for others. Read the Case Study here. 

  • Linklaters LLC (IMPACT2030 Collaborating Partner): After the civil war in Liberia, the country was left with a severely damaged legal system, Linklaters took on a massive undertaking to summarize and index the over 10,000 cases in Liberia’s legal history. As a result,  members of the Liberia judiciary now have access to previous judgements to ensure a consistently applied rule of law. Read the Case Study here.

  • PIMCO (IMPACT2030 Founding Partner): Purpose at PIMCO is unifying the company’s philanthropic and social impact efforts across its global footprint, with SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) as one of the cornerstone focus areas. This is highlighted by its partnership with The Global FoodBanking Network, enabling activation across multiple channels to make desperately needed impact. Read the Case Study here.

  • TATA Consultancy Services (IMPACT2030 Founding Partner): The TCS goIT program is addressing the skills gap by increasing exposure to STEM education and building consciousness around STEM professions through partnerships with community organizations. The program leverages employee volunteers to demystify computer science and help students gain the skills and confidence required to pursue careers in STEM. Read the Case Study here. 

  • UPS (IMPACT2030 Founding Partner – 2019 Awardee): With more than 1.2 million road deaths globally occurring each year, UPS has long worked to deliver road safety education to young drivers. The UPS Road Code® Teen Safe Driving Program, now with an extended global reach in nearly every continent, leverages the expertise and volunteer spirit of UPSers to better prepare young drivers for road hazards. Read the Case Study here.

The Awardees were assessed on the level of innovation in their approach to activating the skills, passion and creativity of their employee volunteers to impact the SDGs—and the potential for scalability and replication of their approach across IMPACT2030 Partner companies. Innovation in Human Capital Investments for the SDGs is designed to demonstrate the tremendous momentum already underway and showcase the ability of the IMPACT2030 network to unite the private sector behind the SDGs and help scale the value and impact of human capital investments around the world—to leave you inspired, informed and moved to action!


For more information:

Sue Stephenson

Interim CEO, IMPACT2030

M: (770) 235 0548


About IMPACT2030

Anchored by SDG 17, Partnership for the Goals, IMPACT2030 is uniting the private sector to scale the impact of their pro bono, skills-based and hands-on employee volunteer programs to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.  Learn more about IMPACT2030 and join the global movement at



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IMPACT 2030 is a collaboration between the United Nations, the business sector and other stakeholders focused on uniting companies in their corporate volunteering strategies to help advance the Sustainable Development Goals. IMPACT 2030 leverages the momentum of the United Nations resolution A/RES/ 66/67 adopted by the 66th General Assembly which states the following: "The General Assembly [...] welcomes the expanding involvement of the private sector in support of volunteerism, and encourages its further engagement through the expansion of corporate volunteering and employee volunteer activities.” Each IMPACT 2030 partner company has committed to applying its employee volunteer actions towards one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals in the form of capacity building and civic engagement. Founding partners include IBM Corporation, UPS, SAP SE, Chevron, PwC, Google, Pfizer, The Ritz-Carlton, Medtronic, and Tata Consultancy Services among many others.

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