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Unique Back-to-School Campaign Expands reach of LG’s ‘Life’s Good: Experience Happiness’ Initiative

‘Life’s Good’ Brand Partners with SoulPancake; #Day1 Campaign Brings Sustainable Happiness Skills to More Youth Across the Nation

Unique Back-to-School Campaign Expands reach of LG’s ‘Life’s Good: Experience Happiness’ Initiative

‘Life’s Good’ Brand Partners with SoulPancake; #Day1 Campaign Brings Sustainable Happiness Skills to More Youth Across the Nation

Published 08-20-19

Submitted by LG Electronics USA, Inc.

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With the 2019-20 school year getting under way across the country, LG Electronics USA is expanding its “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness” initiative to more schools, while securing a new partnership that will expose a broader audience to the scientific principles that lead to happiness.

As American kids go back to school, LG’s award-winning Experience Happiness program is expanding to more school districts with the goal of reaching more than 1 million teens with science of happiness skills this school year as part of a five-year commitment to bring sustainable happiness to 5.5 million youth.  

Problem: According to the American Psychological Association, when school is in session, kids are the most stressed group in the country. Teenagers feel this stress most acutely, especially during the first days back at school, a time of mixed emotions that bring both excitement and anxiety. 

Solution: Through its Life’s Good: Experience Happiness initiative, LG has brought together leading non-profits, scientists, educators and media partners to combat this anxiety by teaching teens the skills that lead to sustainable happiness. LG is expanding its commitment this year by increasing the number of schools that non-profit partners Project Happiness and Inner Explorer will reach, while going beyond the classroom to reach teens and parents through social media channels they follow.

A trailblazing new LG partnership with award-winning media and entertainment company SoulPancakewill help reach an additional 500,000 people this fall, teaching the science of happiness outside of schools. 

“When we developed ‘The Science of Happiness’ video series, we wanted to explore the psychology behind what makes us happy, while also showing how simple choices can manifest more positivity in your life and the lives of those around you,” says SoulPancake Co-founder and General Manager Shabnam Mogharabi. “Partnering with LG brings new life to this classic SoulPancake series and helps spread a message of happiness that has the power to make a difference for teens and families across the country.” 

By reinforcing LG’s commitment in local school districts and expanding the program through new social channels, parents can take part in the program, too, for the first time, according to Dave VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. LG is asking parents and teens alike to share their back-to-school stories and to set their goals for the new school year. 

In a unique back-to-school campaign called #Day1, LG is helping to shine a light on the stress – and the fun – of going back to school. “With our partners, we’re pointing teens and parents towards resources to help them better manage and cope with that stress so everyone can enjoy Day One,” VanderWaal says.

What can you do? Parents and teens can help spread the lessons of the science of happiness by participating in LG’s #Day1 campaign. They can simply post their own story of the first day back to school in social media, using the hashtags #Day1 and #LGoals. For each post, LG will provide an extra $1 to its non-profit partners to help them carry forward the science of happiness. Families are encouraged to post feelings about first day now or when they were younger.

Research shows that two of the core components of being happy are expressing gratitude and having a positive outlook. At back-to-school time, teens and parents across the country have the opportunity to express both of those as #Day1 begins. “Take a picture as you (or your kids) are heading off and tell us what your goals are, what you’re looking forward to this year, what you’re grateful for as you’re getting started,” says VanderWaal.  

By addressing these two areas as Americans are going back to school across the country, LG will reach families in multiple ways, VanderWaal explains, adding, “With our new partner, SoulPancake, we’ll be exposing more people to the science around expressing gratitude as a way to be happier.” 

The #Day1 program kicked off at Kenwood Middle School, in Clarksville, Tenn., where LG just opened its million-square-foot washing machine factory employing more than 700 American workers, many of whom have children in the Clarksville-Montgomery County school district. To usher in the new school year there, teens, parents and teachers experienced fun interactive stations highlighting the six Sustainable Happiness Skills: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. Proceeds from the #Day1 initiative support expanding the Experience Happiness program to all 41 schools in the district as well as many more around the country.

Happiness is a skill that can be taught, learned and practiced to combat increasing level of stress. And through the #Day1 campaign, LG is expanding the in-school programs with Inner Explorer across the nation. With partners including Inner Explorer, Project Happiness, CASEL and UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Life’s Good: Experience Happiness helps youth learn the six Sustainable Happiness Skills. To learn more, visit and

About Life’s Good: Experience Happiness

Aiming to enrich the lives of 5.5 million youth in the United States over five years, LG Electronics USA launched a unique initiative called “Life’s Good: Experience Happiness.” Happiness skills can be learned, according to the Greater Good Science Center at University of California Berkeley, which has identified six skills that sustain one’s ability to recognize that life’s good: mindfulness, human connection, positive outlook, purpose, generosity and gratitude. LG’s award-winning science-based platform is designed to engage leading non-profit partners including Inner Explorer, Project Happiness and the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning that help equip American youth with the skills for sustainable happiness. Key media partners include SoulPancake and Discovery Education.

About SoulPancake

SoulPancake, a division of Participant Media, is an award-winning media and entertainment company that develops stories and experiences across digital platforms, television and over-the-top TV, live events, and branded entertainment. Founded in 2009 and named one of Fast Company's "Most Innovative Companies in Video," SoulPancake has nearly 1 billion video views across its digital platforms, released two New York Times bestselling books, was named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc500 list of fastest-growing businesses, won 13 Webby Awards, four Streamy Awards, and took home a daytime Emmy. SoulPancake works with global brands and media partners looking to engage and connect with audiences in a more meaningful way. Find us online at or on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat via @soulpancake.

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