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Toxnot Enhances Integration Opportunities with Sustainability Consulting Firms

New third-party verification workflows are available from WAP Sustainability Consulting

Toxnot Enhances Integration Opportunities with Sustainability Consulting Firms

New third-party verification workflows are available from WAP Sustainability Consulting

Published 03-12-19

Submitted by Toxnot

Toxnot announces new support for sustainability consultants and product manufacturers to deliver chemical transparency initiatives. Sustainability consultants can now work seamlessly across client accounts to manage supply chain data in Toxnot. 

The new feature benefits are detailed below: 

  • Consultants can collect supply chain data and publish it with redactions, to honor suppliers’ NDAs and intellectual property;

  • Consultants may work with multiple clients on the Toxnot platform, securely accessing their clients’ data while keeping projects separate; and

  • Product manufacturers may better access work done by consultants on their privately administrated Toxnot accounts. 

Additionally, Toxnot users now have access to integrated third-party verification services for increased authority behind their product transparency labels. WAP Sustainability Consulting is currently piloting the third-party verification functionality in Toxnot. As an approved third-party verifier (3PV) for product transparency labels, for Declare Labels, Health Product Declarations (HPDs) and LEED v4 Manufacturer Inventories, WAP Sustainability Consulting 3PV services adds an additional level of rigor to product transparency documents, desirable among investors and shareholders.

“Toxnot focuses on providing a platform for all parts of the product transparency ecosystem.  Sustainability consultancies and third-party verifiers are critical to scaling up this effort,” said Pete Girard, co-Founder and CEO of Toxnot. “This also allows Toxnot users to utilize their consultant of choice, while providing extensive options for supply chain data collection and protection.”

WAP Sustainability Consulting Managing Director William Paddock added, “The flexibility of the Toxnot platform aligns really well with WAP’s service offerings and we are excited to make third-party verification both easier and faster for manufacturers with this new Toxnot feature." WAP Sustainability Consulting is the first consultant to offer third-party verification services on the Toxnot platform.

Toxnot is the industry leading solution for managing product transparency reporting and chemical compliance, helping everyone to design, build and buy better products. Through Toxnot, it’s easy to upload the data you need from an ERP/PLM or excel sheet and pull chemical content information from suppliers using customizable surveys. Compare your product data against integrated hazard list data, or a custom RSL. Evaluate for compliance with regulations and hazard data to optimize your product chemistry. Then, communicate your results using integrated reporting options for green building products, compliance, or your own requests.

WAP Sustainability Consulting is a full service sustainability consulting firm that provides sustainability leaders with both technical and strategic sustainability services. WAP Sustainability works with manufacturers and brands to help them meet and exceed customers’ expectations on sustainability. Their key areas of expertise include: life cycle assessment and environmental product declarations (LCA+EPD); carbon management; and material ingredient transparency and assessment programs including GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, HPDs, Declare Labels and certifications such as Living Product Challenge and Cradle to Cradle.  

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Toxnot is a software company with a mission to improve health and sustainability across the global supply chain. Using AI and automation, our platform makes the process of chemical data imports more efficient for manufacturers, providing quicker insights into their hazard profiles, enhancing product reporting, and streamlining their ability to create safer products. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, companies use Toxnot to effectively scale their transparency, circularity, and compliance management, easily collect hazard information, and reduce risks across their global supply chain.

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