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Taproot Foundation Releases State of Pro Bono: Corporate Edition

Current trends in corporate pro bono program design

Published 02-19-19

Submitted by Taproot Foundation

As the field of pro bono service continues to grow, companies increasingly identify pro bono programming as a critical element of their overall social impact objectives. Taproot Foundation conducted an inaugural survey of companies doing pro bono to collect data on their programs, identify trends, and share key observations for advancing the field. This resource provides information to help practitioners compare their program design and outcomes to peers in the field, and to support them as they achieve greater impact through pro bono service.

Key Takeaways from the State of Pro Bono: Corporate Edition

  • There is no "one size fits all"
    The survey results confirm what we’ve long observed in the field: companies are tailoring their pro bono programs to maximize their unique opportunities for impact. Companies consider how their social impact goals, business objectives, distinct context and constraints, and employee skills and expertise intersect to form best-fit pro bono programs. (See our Pro Bono Sweet Spot for more information.) 

  • Almost all companies are looking to scale their pro bono programs
    Pro bono programming is a key factor in helping companies achieve their overall social impact goals—about 64% of respondents reported that pro bono is a very or extremely important part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. As such, companies want to do more pro bono and are hoping to scale their programs in a variety of ways, such as engaging more departments and lines of business, increasing the number of employee participants, and supporting more nonprofits.

  • Impact measurement is a work in progress
    As pro bono programs mature, companies are looking to measure the impact of their programs on both nonprofits and employees to better tell their pro bono story.

Read the full report, including in-depth data on trends in corporate pro bono program design.

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The Taproot Foundation is the provider of pro bono services to the nonprofit sector. It works to engage the country's millions of business professionals in pro bono service, building the infrastructure of organizations we rely on to strengthen and support our communities. Their pro bono model leverages the best practices of leading professional services companies to deliver reliable and quality marketing, human resources and technology services using corporate employees. Since 2002, the Taproot Foundation has recruited over 3,500 business professionals to awarded over $12 million in pro bono services to nonprofits in New York, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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